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for Wash Your Hands

5/31/2013 c2 Guest
I love this.
5/31/2013 c1 Guest
8/18/2008 c1 Jaspfire
I love you and your use of the canon term omote.

And your story is pretty kickass too.
2/14/2008 c2 MochaCocaFan
This was a brilliant insight into Yami Bakura and Ryou.
9/14/2007 c1 14Flame Swordmistress
I really love your characterization of Bakura in this fic (both of them, but especially the host). Most people forget that he wasn't aware of the spirit until just before the Monster World fiasco, and I seem him as rational, too. This is brilliantly written. Made my day.

8/31/2007 c2 2Hikari Amaya
Wow, amazing! I think this may be one of the most in-character/manga-canon/non-yaoi stories I've ever read! A lot of people just make up stuff when Bakura reveals himself but I'm glad you followed the actual storyline. I love how you did the two POV's of the same event to give it depth. Your description and imagery are amazing. It's a shame, though; I would've liked for more chapters. - Amaya
5/17/2007 c2 4SpookyMoose
Awesome. ^_^
11/21/2003 c2 dot-dot-and-dot
ah... so it was blood... nice work! ^^ keep it up ^^
11/16/2003 c2 2lisa1124
HA! I knew it was blood! I KNEW IT! IKNEW IT! I KNEW IT! And oh yeah, I love your writing style.
11/16/2003 c2 57Tuulikki
Hmm... I think it's quite normal, actually... People always try to explain things away when something out of ordinary happens. At least, many people do. I mean... if I'd someday suddenly notice that there's something like blood on my hands, I'd probably think that it _has_ to be dirt, too. ^^;

Anyways, nice writing, again. Have to check your other fics soon... but not now and preferably not today. I really, really, _really_ have to spend today studying. Didn't get anything done yesterday... -_-;
11/16/2003 c2 cookies
i like your stlye of writing, cool fic, keep it up
11/15/2003 c2 2Cettie-girl
So that's what Yami Bakura's perspective? Cool!

As I said... go Ryou's self-denial... I'd probably be the same way under the condition...
11/15/2003 c2 hail2baky
very cool... quite original, u really put them into character, great! 1 question though, what does "yadonushi" mean?
11/15/2003 c2 14MarikzGal4Eva
very nice continuation! (did i spell that right? ^_^U) please update soon!

11/15/2003 c1 57Tuulikki
Poor Ryou... so totally clueless. Sometimes I wonder if he's just refusing to see the truth...

Anyways, nice piece of writing. It's short, but that doesn't really matter. Good work. ^^
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