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3/26/2004 c25 piperloverleo
that was great update soon please
3/25/2004 c25 Kokomo44
whoa.. that kinda opened my eye when i read the last part. are prue and andy dead? how can that be? well i will have to anxiously wait for the rest of the story.
3/17/2004 c25 gemstar2
yay!a sequal thats cool,amazing end btw
3/17/2004 c25 Sci fi fan
Nice touching ending. Will be interested in reading your sequel.
3/9/2004 c24 Kokomo44
i love this story... i hope andy and evryone can get Prue back...
2/25/2004 c24 2Charmed4ever
great update! please continue son! I hope Prue is ok...i feel so bad for her!
2/24/2004 c5 Mrs. Leo Wyatt
I think that the whole story is great ut I think that you should really think about having Leo enter the story I mean Prue has Andy and Piper should have Leo and same with Cole . But no until Pheobe is a little bit older All in all the story's great but I love Leo so I love stories with him in it.
2/23/2004 c24 piperloverleo
that was great update soon
2/22/2004 c24 gemstar2
cool :D
2/19/2004 c23 Charmed4ever
OMG! This is one AMAZING story, and such an original story line! I really love it, please please update soon!
2/18/2004 c23 gemstar2
great!i love the detail u put into the chapters!
2/11/2004 c22 anna
do we like it?
We luuve it
great story
2/10/2004 c22 gemstar2
wow,great chapter!and it was so nice and long to!thanks 4 the fantastic writing
2/5/2004 c21 Sci fi fan
I like how this story is going. Update more soon.
2/4/2004 c21 gemstar2
Great chapter!and it was long enough
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