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12/3/2003 c10 Susan
I am glad Prue is going to give the Halliwells a shot. I would like to see what happens after that so please update soon.
12/2/2003 c10 Silverado
Loved it. It's a very sad chapter. Poor Prue, I just don't want her to feel like that. She's my favorite Halliwell.
12/2/2003 c10 Sci fi fan
good chapter. Like to see how you resolve this story part.
12/2/2003 c9 Silverado
I hope it doesn't end soon!
Please update asap!
12/2/2003 c8 Silverado
Still like it
12/2/2003 c7 Silverado
Oh oh, I thought you were going to make it a larger story, but it seems to be getting to an end.
I thought Piper, Phoebe and Paige were going to get their powers before Prue did and they were going to be taking care of her because the demons were going to be after Prue without her even knowing why.
12/2/2003 c6 Silverado
Can't stop reading. You have a great plot in here!
Did you know that?
12/2/2003 c5 Silverado
This is so good!
12/2/2003 c4 Silverado
Way to go!
12/2/2003 c3 Silverado
Wonderful piece.
12/2/2003 c2 Silverado
12/2/2003 c1 Silverado
You're really something!
I absolutely possitively love your story.
12/2/2003 c10 clairebear21
Some more please!It's really good stuff.
12/2/2003 c9 2Tonet
Please, you just can't leave me like this!
Now, be a good sport and update sooner than soonWill you?
P L E A S E ! ! ! !
12/2/2003 c8 Tonet
Still loving it
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