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11/14/2018 c1 Crossbank Dental Official
I would recommend Crossbank Dental Practice to anyone who has a dental health issues or concerns. I would personally love for you to come down to Captain French Lane and try our services. See you soon?
3/26/2018 c16 1ShadowSonic1

I read all of "Silent Tears". I really enjoyed it, and I thought you've done a great job with the Mako/Quatre storyline and her burgeoning romance with Trowa. I admit it was hard for me to read Quatre acting that way but you gave it all such a human depth it really spoke to me and I couldn't stop reading. I know you're almost done the story and it's been 15 years since you started so you're probably going to be done with writing after this. If not, that's great but you've really done something remarkable sticking in there as long as you have.

Just figured since I messaged you before I might as well just do the decent thing and write a real review. Heh.
1/16/2018 c16 AquaTonic
I am so sorry for your losses, it's been a tough couple years for me as well. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Thank you for the updates!
1/13/2018 c15 Erika
Love it love everything about it
1/9/2018 c15 4Lita of Jupiter
Welcome back! I couldn't believe when I got the update, I though it would be one of those Author Notes stating that you are leaving fanfiction forever and either putting this up for adoption or saying it got copied elsewhere.

I was so very happy when I got the update that I immediately set of to re-read the whole thing, some parts of it made me laugh, some almost made me cry, but it still touched me.

I am still, as always when it comes to this story I am on team Trowa! I want to see her get happiness with a guy that truly and has always appreciated her and gave her support.

I am very sorry for your loss, I debated putting this at the start of the review, but I am sure you are more interested in thoughts on the story and not to be reminded of the loss.
1/6/2018 c15 scarlet moon
Oh my! A triangle of confusion!
Who will she end up with!
Only the heart can tell.
And thank you for returning! I really really want to know what Makoto will choose in the end
1/1/2018 c15 6Enzeru no Yami
Welcome back!
I'm sorry that life has been hard on you and i applaud your ability to come back to this story.
This is a lovely Chapter and it keeps the tone of the story as you've previously established it which is very difficult even if you are writing chapters back to back.
I hope this upcoming year is good to you.
Happy new year.
2/26/2017 c14 JPandS
So much devastation! I am so torn and wish you would update with a chapter that could hopefully soothe this aching heart of mine? Lol

I love this story so much and the potential pain or elation that exists in future plot developments. I'm riddled with possibilities with what's to come and hope some time soon that you'll add some more!
12/7/2016 c14 guest
Sonn it will be 2017...

Please update!
This story is too good to stop writing
8/4/2015 c14 sam
I fell in to this fic kinda late but pleasssse pleeeeese finish it! Mako and Trowa are my otp. I would love to find out how this story ends.
3/28/2015 c14 scarlet moon
Are we going to get anymore chapters? Please?
11/11/2014 c14 Athena Kyle
OMG! You're still alive! I nearly thought I was hallucinating when I got the email that you had updated! So glad you're writing again! Can't wait to see what happens next for our beloved Mako!
11/8/2014 c14 AquaTonic
Thand for the update, always a lovely read! I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next...Trowa or Quatre...hmmmm. Big choice Mako!
9/20/2013 c13 18JPandS
In all these years this is the first time I've read this story. I sat here and read it from front to back and it is just so devastatingly powerful! I hate what Quatre did and how hurt Makoto has become and love the idea of Trowa sweeping in. But now that Quatre's realized his mistake and is willing to admit his love for Makoto and she still has feelings for him I feel so bad for Trowa. I don't know what I want. For most triangles I always favor one above the other but for this I'm all confused XD. I think learning that Sumie looked like Makoto made Quatre's affair less one-sided and more understandable even though it was still wrong. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this and hope you will continue it! Most of all I hope everyone gets a happy ending because I would be extremely depressed if someone was left miserable and alone even if that someone is once sweet Quatre. If it's Trowa then I'd flat out bawl til there were no more tears to shed XD. Anyhow, this is a great story. One of which I hope there will be more?
8/30/2012 c13 1Sailor Jupiter Panda
Omg! I hope you finish this! It's amazing!
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