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for The Ocarina of Time PT III, The Hero of Time

1/25/2005 c13 1Simxp
Lovely story. Do continue it (especially part 1 - finish that before doing all the rest!). You should focus more on your strengths - that is, relationships and interactions between characters, which you do very well (although Link can get incredibly pompous when talking to someone he doesn't know well) rather than wasting time telling every detail of how exactly to get through every dungeon with precision accuracy, which can get boring if you've played the game before (and let's face it, if you're reading this, you will have). Apart from that, though, shaping up to be an excellent story, which you should be justifiably proud of.
1/15/2004 c13 The Master Blade
Please keep writing the story is so good. I like the story. I will keep looking for updates.
11/30/2003 c8 5VaneBledsoe
*counting relatives on fingers* Wow...*Keeps looking back and forth between fingers and story* Wow...
Earl, this is great. I dont know HOW you did it...but you've completely tied Link in with everything in the story...wow. And you've been able to come up with a very large amount of chapters in a relatively short time. Very nice and keep it up.

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