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for You call my name

1/28/2004 c19 Kat
luv it! luv it! luv it! luv it! *starts prancing 'round*
Bladebreakers: *sweatdrop*
Ty: I fink she means update soon
1/27/2004 c19 Kathryn93
Hob i said it once i'll say it again this fic and you are the best and you will aslways have my support as long as you rember that tyson and kai where ment to be ^_^ keep it up it's going great
1/27/2004 c18 Rugmonkey101
You cow. you updated this without telling me again.
How do you write this stuff? this is bloody brilliant babe! whats the deal with bryan giving Rei back?
gonna read the next chapteer now kiddo
1/27/2004 c19 39Kiina
Your story is damn good. I just reviewed every chapter cause I think when you get more reviews more people will read it and that's great cause you are a damn good author.
1/27/2004 c18 Kiina
1/27/2004 c17 Kiina
1/27/2004 c16 Kiina
1/27/2004 c15 Kiina
1/27/2004 c14 Kiina
1/27/2004 c13 Kiina
1/27/2004 c12 Kiina
1/27/2004 c11 Kiina
1/27/2004 c9 Kiina
1/27/2004 c8 Kiina
1/27/2004 c7 Kiina
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