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for Her Perfect Facade

7/22/2021 c18 no.1dramionefan
eeeeeeek! i loved this!
9/25/2018 c10 Laycie Spoon
I just realizied she reads Latin does that mean that she is going to camp Jupiter to
5/28/2018 c2 Guest
Hey man this seems like a good story, it really does, but 'colored' is a pretty racist term. It's super outdated and derogatory, I would explain it more but there's sources on google that do a much better job on that than I ever would. Please, revise this part of your story. I would love to read on, but I just can't get past this part. I hope you consider what I've said, and I mean this in no condescending or rude way but I just can't continue to read this story. Have a nice day
3/20/2018 c18 A friend
That was so amazing
6/25/2014 c10 5cecesoleil
I still love this story!
I will never get tired of this one, it's amazing!
4/1/2013 c4 literally-lame
Interesting story...
8/7/2012 c1 1DollyX
I love! Amazing! x
10/15/2011 c18 6StoneFeather30135
This was...just wow. Never have been through anything like this personally, I still felt as if I could connect with the characters' pain because of the way you described them. I also liked how you put little snippets of song lyrics and such; it helped the reader to grasp what the character was feeling at that point in time. The ending was great and I'm glad they admitted how they felt before the story ended. This was great, thank you!
9/19/2011 c7 5sunneedee
A few nitpicks:

Malfoy Manor, not Manner

Madam Pomfrey, not Pomphrey.

Otherwise great story.
6/10/2011 c3 yay
This chapter really confused me. Why is Malfoy at her house? Why was Dumbledore there? Granger Manor? Since when is it a manor?
6/2/2011 c18 20This Is My Escape
Awesome! So where's the epilogue? ha.
3/8/2008 c13 21Elliot Green
She should have run away to Las Vegas, get a job and an apartment there, then hide from everyone. that's what I did when the Hermione in my story found out she wasn't real. Oh, but I haven't posted that part yet...
3/8/2008 c11 Elliot Green
... that was dark... angsty... I loved it! except, you know, it was kinda disturbing.
3/8/2008 c10 Elliot Green
I want a milano. jeez... that girl just does not get a break.
3/8/2008 c7 Elliot Green
/that/, is having it rough. and /that/, is most definitely shit.
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