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for Her Perfect Facade

3/27/2004 c11 tjs91989
I think you should have Harry and Ron find out or Hermoni find out what is going on with draco. I think it's moving kinda slow but it is a good story none the less i think your doing a great job writting it.
3/27/2004 c11 LIV
i havent read for a long time so i just read your last 3 chapters. wow! i must say wow! so much has happened . i cant believe how much hermione is going through. i like the very end of the last chapter ,draco embracing her that way . . . .sigh.loving it!great job - i cant wait for more
3/26/2004 c11 6natyslacks
brilliant chappie, it was great well done. im very tired now so im off to bed its 12:08. night night, keep up the great work and please update soon.
luv nats
3/18/2004 c10 1BewitchingWitch
You're a good writter. Length of your chapters is just right. Carry on please!
3/18/2004 c10 natbag
"Shit Happens" - only in your stories, lol!
Who's Harry? What's going on with Draco? What's going to happen with Hermione? You can't leave it there!
KGUS! :-)
3/15/2004 c10 1loli-chick336
*gasps!* Oh my! How coould you do something like this to Hermione!, I feel so bad for her!. It makes me want to cry, poor hermione! please continue soon! it s going great! :D
3/13/2004 c10 1NoOnesPerfect
omg continue
3/13/2004 c10 dragonstargirl
Holy crap! hell yeah, shit happens!
OMG poor hermione! not again!
this makes me want to cry... in a good way. You're so evil Kelei, u got me going, thinking she'd finally come to terms with everything, and she was all 'i love harry and ron' again and then it was RUINED! I wonder how many bones she's broken in this fic alone.
Anyway... good chapter, quite unpredictable. Love the Harry and Ron twist, too. Ur really living up to the Drama/Angst genre, i gotta say!
Way to get ur chapter up real fast :) now u've beat me twice! But i'll update as soon as i can, promise :D
I like the way the ships are going... ^_^
write soon
~luv stargirl
3/12/2004 c10 6natyslacks
omg shit does happen. quick update soon. she has a shity shitty life god its going right down the pan at the moment. keep up the great work and please update soon.
luv nats
3/9/2004 c9 deadly secret
omg! that was so flippin good! u have to write more like right now! im dying to find out wut happens! =)
3/7/2004 c9 dragonstargirl
Wow! First of all, took you long enuf! (hehe, i shouldn't talk :P)
Holycow this chapter is SO good, i think this one's my favourite so far. It all ties in with the title and everything, and Harry and Ron FINALLY get to talk to her.
I gotta say, i really loved that part when she was in the common room, thinking about her OWL results, and she questioned who she really was, where her 'perfect facade' ended and Hermione began. Wow, 11 out of 10 on that one! Very nice job, as always.
Now its getting juicy... what's Malfoy doing there? The burning question...
o i can't wait to find out!
write son please!
ttyl shelley
~luv stargirl
3/7/2004 c9 16xCecilex
gr cliff hanger. not nice. meanie! lol. ive updated the figure clothed in black if you want to read it. great chappie and i cant wait 4 more!
3/7/2004 c9 natbag
Dum da dum dum DUM!
3/7/2004 c9 lady-sanctuary
rele good chapter..i rele enjoy ur story, it has great meanin to it and its very touchin..grat work cant wait till next chapter..kk bye
3/7/2004 c9 6natyslacks
gosh oh my i wonder why draco is there hm, oh and harry and ron are there too. oh update soon and keep up the good work.
luv nats
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