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1/30/2004 c7 evanescence55
harry hexed snape! lol.! i loved that. i wonder if the map really does worl outside of hogwarts. i guess it does, JKR never said if it did. don't worry about shortness. mine are short. great great chappie and please update soon1
1/30/2004 c7 dragonstargirl
yo kelei! you might wanna ignore that email i sent you complaining about the updating...:D
yes. anyways, great chapter!
as always, well written and accurate.
oh also, i love the 'their enemy' thing. were you bringing the boys on the same level? not that they werent already, but i think it's a great idea! plus, it was done really well :)
still waiting for the relationship hinting... hehe, still anyone's game. way to keep it open!
anyway, great chapter, and write more soon
~luv stargirl
1/30/2004 c7 6natyslacks
another great chapter, well done and pdate son.
luv nats
1/23/2004 c6 16xCecilex
poor hermione. ur using all my fav songs! im listening to my immortal right now. i hadn't realised so many of their songs could fit this good into a story. u havent updated since the 4th. hope nothing horrible happened thats prevented u fomr updating. this is a really really really really really great story and i would put it in my fav stories but i dont have n e room left. please update soon!
1/23/2004 c1 evanescence55
oh my gosh. this is really really really good. im going to read the rest of the chapters but i jsut had to review.
1/21/2004 c6 2Foolish Fish
Really good so far, i want to read more.
1/19/2004 c6 natbag
Good story, definatly keep going.
Thanks for reviewing my fic, and i agree with your point of view. I don't think Harry will ever get over the death of Sirius, it will only make him stronger in the long run.
Thanks Again,
Please be kind to Hermione in the next chappie! :-p
1/15/2004 c6 marra
waiting patiently while you evolve more of your story . . . . :)
1/11/2004 c1 Foolish Fish
Sorry i couldn't read more, but from what i read it was really good! I was only very depressed (tears) because i just finished reading a child called it and then i read your story. Must stay away from sad stories today. Thanks for your review :-)
1/11/2004 c6 lady-sanctuary
hey this is a bloody awsome fic...cant wait till u update
1/10/2004 c6 liv
its been ages since ive been on the comp , but ive finally gotten to read your 2 latest chaps.and i must say - big surprises they were!being a christian female ,of course i dont like all the cursing -but in the words of an honerable fiction writer "shit happens";)you really did leave quite a cliff hanger in chapter last.i have a hopeful feeling that now hermione is going to better understand harry.now that they have both had searing pain shoot through their bodies,and looked into the wrathful eyes of"dear old voldie".im also hoping that draco discovers his concience and turns good ,not that i dont mind a bad boy.but all in all , your story -no-your NOVEL ,is quite excellent ,please keep writing.
1/9/2004 c3 5jpProngs
i realy like it so far! i'll read the rest tmrw! really good though. its one of those "something for everyone" stories. LoL.
1/9/2004 c6 7Wrastrix
Oh... this is good. This is very good...
Update soon!
Thanks for reviewing my story - Aide Memorie,I've added chapter two.
Thanks again, and great story!
~_~Dark Heart~_~
1/6/2004 c6 dragonstargirl
Sweet! This is how i like my stories: well written, lots of drama, with a side order of Evanescence songs!
I love Evanescence, and i'd just like to congratulate u on a job well done with the songs you put in; they fit so well :)
Oh man, you ARE evil! TWICE i thought it was over!
Wow. Voldemort's there... with all the death Eaters... and DRACO! That was so sad, he's not really evil! He can't be! oh but he was...
Lucius too. Now he's PURE evil.
Poor Hermione. She's really had her share of hard times, hasn't she? Geez, that should be the slogan of this story: shit happens. :) But i guess it just shows how strong she is for surviving all of them.
Anyway, can't wait to see what you've got in store next for Hermione... and Draco!
~luv stargirl
1/6/2004 c6 1loli-chick336
aw... por Hermione!, but glad she is okay now. Lovely chapter!, but dont do that to me!, Im like 'no the chapter is over!' but then it continues...and those Death eaters so mean!, and also Draco, how could he do this to her! huh?... lol anyway you probably dont want to hear me rant. bye bye and update really soon!:D
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