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1/5/2004 c6 6natyslacks
Nullo modo! argh *screams in fustration* please please update soon, i hate suspense *screams again*
god shit does happen to hermione, this is a really trully bloody fantastic story i repeat please update soon and keep up the work, Labra lege-please update soon.
luv nats
(dont worry i am pratisin my latin, im only just learnin and what i said it the right order was = No way! Read my lips, hope that puts ur mind at ease)
1/5/2004 c6 Stinker
What did Lusious do to her? Loved this chapter, great! Update soon!
1/2/2004 c5 1loli-chick336
yay!, I really enjoyed this chapter. It was really good! Please write soon, I really see this story developing into something big and it seems a very good plot. Well regarding toward this chapter: Harry's temper was pretty high!, lol it was somewhat funny how Harry yelled. I loved it all, it seems so realistic. Please continue really soon that I want ot know what happens next!. Happy Writting! lol :D
1/2/2004 c5 6natyslacks
omg the first 4 chappies made me cry,and i agree with alot of pple that evanescence rox, yay, annyhoo hermiones pov chappies made me cry so much, u relly r a gifted writer and i carnt wait 4 draco and hermione to get together. he he.
please update soon.
luv nats
1/1/2004 c5 Stinker
I loved this chapter! i feel so bad for Harry! I think you did a great job explaining his emotions, that was perfect! I kinda think Harry and Hermione should get together, since Harry is having such a horrible time dealing with all that stuff. But it's your story. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASe don't let Harry and Ginny get together! I HATE GINNY! Update again soon!
1/1/2004 c5 dragonstargirl
Aha! I knew some of that stuff was familiar!
Lol, Harry called him Voldie! ^.^ That usually only happens in Author's notes...
I love Ron, he's my favourite character. Of course he'd stick up for Harry! But faint...? Well maybe. I think i'd faint if i saw two dead bodies on the floor...
Anyways. Yep, definitely real. Whew, everybody's so touchy, with the swearing and the aggressiveness... Especially Lupin. I like him, too, i'd never have thought he'd get so angry.
haha, listenage. Great word. Making up words is fun...
Anyways, great long chapter
Write more soon
~luv stargirl
12/20/2003 c4 3Girl that no one notices
hELLO,Itz awsome please keep it up!
12/18/2003 c4 dragonstargirl
Hey there, Kelei!
Sorry i've been away for awhile, i've been insanely busy. Wow, i love ch 3 AND 4. They were excellent! And may i say very real. If ur going to write about rape you better do it bloody well, and you definitly did. It's true; shit like that does happen and it's sad. But lucky Draco's there :) I like ur back story for Draco, or at least what u've let on. For the some of it i'm guessing... you've implied something's also happenned to Draco. OOh i hope so, that would bring them together so nicely...
Ur a very good writer, and i can't wait for u to update!
And about my fic: like i said, i've been super busy. But i plan to have a major update-fest within the next week. Hope u can read it :D
~luv stargirl
PS: EVANESCENCE ROX! ^.^ I love amy lee!
12/18/2003 c4 1SaddestAngel666
now i know! youre listening to fallen! lol evanescence rox
12/18/2003 c1 SaddestAngel666
i know i know! it's stripped isnt it? i'm listening to it now and the song youre listening to the voice within
i didnt go to the second chappie yet! i'm not a lier...
12/17/2003 c4 1loli-chick336
OMG! this is so sad!. I love this story!. I was crying!. aw... Draco came and saved her. Im not a D/Hr shipper but I like the story and I look forward to the other chapters, keep writting. you are doing a great work!. ;)
12/16/2003 c4 6Tropic
good job. keep up the great work and update soon please. see I asked nicely and everything.
12/16/2003 c4 Stinker
Awesome story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
12/16/2003 c4 Christy Angel
Hey, I really liked it ALOT.
12/15/2003 c3 Erica G
2 please.
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