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for Her Perfect Facade

12/14/2003 c3 liv
okay i think you should do number2.they meet at hogwarts, i like the sound of it.and i want a lot to read.question- is harry in this?just wondering.i think your doing a really good job with this-one suggestion-the cutting part is just sick man, it dramatic and all but geez. . .other than thst your fic ic wicked
12/13/2003 c3 Stinker
I think a longer story is better so I chose 2! Hope you update again soon!
12/13/2003 c3 HPFCarly
2...btw, what is that sond by Christina Aguilera called?
12/13/2003 c3 BiTcH
2 lazy 2 log in, but this is absoulutly fantastic...well structured and well written..this is 1 of those brilliant long complex fanfics in the making, congratulations, this is an excellent start, i am adding u 2 my favourites and i hope to see many a more stories from u, goodbye and goodluck
P.S. im not really a crack whore i just like the name
12/12/2003 c3 1Honey Bee 80
You said you couldn't remember Neville's toads name, it's Trevor.
12/12/2003 c3 lump-on-a-log
can u use 1 then carry it over to 2 or just use one origional is better
12/12/2003 c3 gaiamoore13
can you use 1 then carry it on to two so everybody wins?
12/12/2003 c3 1loli-chick336
Hello!. what a great chapter!. it almost made me crie. poor Hermione...
and make it with Ron in it!. he would be a great support for Hermione!. haha... anyway keep up the great work!. update soon!
12/10/2003 c1 arg
Waiting for the next chapter... ;)
12/9/2003 c2 kris
i was really surprised at the part that hermiones father proceeded to rape her!it made it seem so diseseingly real.Amazing,shocking,and just really amazing.please continue.
12/8/2003 c2 dragonstargirl
Wah, i wanna cry! This is so sad...
But i LOVE IT! :D I'd always wondered what had happenned on the train...
God, i can't believe he did that to her. What's going to happen on Harry's birthday? *bites nails*
That song is the one Christina Aguilera sang all in one shot... i heard she was crying most of the time, too.
Dear god, isn't there ANY comfort for Hermione? WHY WHY WHY! The poor girl, she's so brave.
Alright, enuf gushing over ur story.
Write more soon
~luv stargirl
12/8/2003 c2 hi
This is a really good Fan fic. :( i feel so sad for hermione :( write ch. 3 soon! :)
12/6/2003 c2 marra
wow wow wow! intense !very intense, youve really got something here.i think its really unique how you add lyrics to the story, it adds . . .character.I found myself wondering yet again , what happens next? i have always , as most likely the rest if the harry potter fans do , wondered what will ever come of this "love triange" between harry , ron , and hermione- i mean , can one call it a love triangle even? all in all, i think you are doing an axcellent job presenting a version of the way things occur after book 5. PLEASE continue! :) :)
12/6/2003 c1 Liv
i think this chapter rox!
12/6/2003 c2 loli-chick336
*looks blankly at the screen* wow!, hehe.. that was good!. What a mean Father!. I love the idea of all her life background and how the story is taking shape!. Keep up the great work!. please update soon!.
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