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for Her Perfect Facade

3/8/2008 c6 21Elliot Green
yes yes yes, I'm remembering the review. lemon drops for all! (especially you)
3/8/2008 c5 Elliot Green
if this story wasn't already on my favorites list, I would add ait again.
6/26/2007 c1 1GOGreen13
An interesting take on "Hermiones perfect life".I loved it.
5/6/2007 c1 12hriddle14
Great story
1/18/2007 c1 1Tash108
gr8 story so far one question, why did her mother ring the doorbell @ her own house
9/30/2006 c18 Wine Crescent
That was amazing (;.
7/28/2006 c18 4KaytiSarai
well, I liked the fic in the end, but I didn't like the abuse all around. It seemed like everyone in this fic was abused. And I know this was integral to the plot, but some of the things you have happening to Hermione make me cringe. Cringe isn't the right word, I can't think of a word terrible enough to describe the feeling, I hope you know what I mean.

It was well-written, and a slightly different view into Hermione's life, one that I don't really imagine is there, but could be a possibility. Maybe, slightly, hardly at all really. But this is fanfiction, not the books. I think having the song lyrics in the middle of the fic distracts from the rest of the story, to be honest, I skipped over them after I realized what they were. I do have to question your version of Dumbledore, he seems like a wimp, not how I really picture him at all. I imagine him to be a much stronger person, but still exhude a grandfatherly quality that makes him easy to approach granted you aren't Voldemort.

The other problem I had with this fic is Hermione's mother, I honestly can't imagine a mother letting her child be beat, even though I know it does happen. I would think that her mother would have done something about it. Once again, she is of your creation. At the end when you have Hermione realizing that neither her mother nor father ever loved her, I would think that she'd have sunk further into depression. I know that Draco had been helping her out of it, but I think realizing that neither of your parents loved you would unhinge a person, though I'm not sure there was much left of her to be unhinged.

Like I said though, all in all, the fic was well written. I think much of the characterization was spot on, minus those characters that I mentioned. I do think you need to be a bit more helpful with the dialogue, in a few places you have a lot of people speaking with no dialogue tags, I didn't know who was saying what. I am looking forward to the epilogue and the sequel.

Well, if you've read this all the way to the end you deserve a cookie. I'm sorry for leaving such a long critique of your work. I tried to mix constructive criticism with some props. I hope I achieved that, and if I didn't, I'm sorry.
7/3/2006 c18 4welfycat
Thank you so much for this story. Reading these stories is very helpful, to many people, I believe.

You've written this in a very realistic way, and I encourage you to keep writing, as you clearly have a talent for them.

Good work.
6/18/2006 c17 SARAH
ok i know your finished with this story and prolly have been for a long time too but i still wanted to review and let you know what a good job you are doing. ok draco as goth= HOT. draco as preppy= HOT, draco as jock= HOT... I think you get the picture.. LOL. but anways, i like this story and you might not even write HP stories anymore but just keep writing. its a great creative outlet that you are pretty good at. the best of luck to you at anything you do! =)
12/22/2005 c10 Danielle
"Well, It was you who put yourself here this time, Miss Grangerā€¦"



LOL! I know I shouldn't really laugh there but that was halarious for me.
11/19/2005 c1 12Tearrer
Aw man, your story is FANTASTIC! This was a great first chapter (ahem; first impression) for the story and for your writing abilities. I can't wait to read on! Everything is so... Dark.

OH, and I LOVE both of the songs you chose, Soar has to be my favorite Christina song. She is like my idol! Ok, enough of this, I need to keep reading!

x Dana X
1/15/2005 c18 mindy1556
i absolutly love ur fic! i read it all in one sitting, its now 4 in the morning and im finally done. Update Update Update! and whats the name of ur sequel going to be, put it at the end of this story, so we know how to find it. Thanks so much for writing such a great story, i cant wait to read the rest!
1/12/2005 c18 2Cherdy the Molologist
loved the whole fic-stayed home from school to finish it! I will email you about that beta thing just in case you dont already have one. good job
1/11/2005 c18 shazzarsgal
hey im so glad to hear ur doin a sequel i cant wait till u start posting it aye!

i luv the story and im an avid fan so dont keep me waitin! lol
12/14/2004 c18 xXPinklemonadeXx
I started redaing this like a week ago or something to that extent. I wasn't quite sure where you were going with it, but I kept reading because I couldn't stop. (Then I got grounded for two days...) I kept reading and I can't wait for the sequel. I hate you for finishing it, but at the same time I loved it. I really like the fact that you were able to add an OC that didn't irritate me to the point of stopping reading. Most OC's kill me because I came to read about the book characters, but your's was fine. It was really good! Add me to you're list of fans^^! I look forward to reading more of your fics!
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