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for Her Perfect Facade

11/29/2004 c7 1FiReFaIrY14
YAY! EVIL STUFF! i just started my first story so please read! n.n I love your story so much!
11/14/2004 c18 JuliaMaddieSkye
I forget which name I use when I review your stories, so right no I'm all of them. This story... One of the first fanfics I've ever read... Just really good. Thank you for sticking with it. Sad to see it end, don't you think? Ah well. "All good things must come to an end, no one really knows why; all good thing must come to an end, and when they do, it's time to cry. SO CRY!" See ya 'round.
11/12/2004 c18 16xCecilex
lol. yea i liked their outfits! it's over? *snif snif* but there's a sequel so everything's good. lol. can not wait for that. i love sequels. that was one of the best chapters, there was so much emotion in it and everything. yea, i've been wondering about the wandless magic, and thingy's. i like lyssa. lol. the name reminds be of my cuz. n e way, can not wait for sequel/epilogue! wonderful story! loved it1
11/12/2004 c18 1FallingWithGhosts
ok. so ive been reading this since you started it but only when you've updated so im sure ive forgotten loads of little things in the time between reading certain chapters, but im way confused about lyssa. am i missing something REALLY obvious? or is it being explained later, or was it just really subtle and i just didnt pick up on it?

oh and about what you said at the end of this chapter- you were surprised people didnt notice the hints you gave towards things. why were all 5 except ron attacked?

ok i seriously need to read the entire thing again in one massive chunk, but i have too much work for that right now. when you post the epilogue could you just put some of the answers to my questions in there? would help me masses.

anyways, it was a really good fic- get the epilogue and sequel up son please. lol.

minty. x
11/7/2004 c18 9Lanhar
yay for updates.

i like the way you write hermione, her point of view and the fear of rejection and the pain and the yeah anyway i cant wait for more

11/6/2004 c18 mika
I loved the story,though it was sad,thank you for writing it.
11/6/2004 c18 fan
i loved that ending...its about time, ive been waiting heaps heaps heaps heaps heaps...well u get it...it was a nobel was to end a story like that, and i cannot, repeat, cannot WAIT till ur next story, so get cracking!
11/6/2004 c18 cait xo
awesome fanfic! what is the sequal going to called?
11/6/2004 c18 2Karla Manatee
Holy shit. I came across this just this evening, well, morning, at about 1.30 am eastern time, and it is now 6.37 am. I read it all the way through in one shot, so I don't know how long it took you to post. I'm guessing by your A/N it took... awhile. However, greatness can't be rushed, and I would definitely consider this great.

I would be highly interested in being a beta for you. I'm online almost every night, and I, well, I stay at home. Outside scares me sometimes, especially with... certain certifiable insane people living directly above me.

Anyway, if you're interested in a beta, please feel free to email me at I check my email at least once a day, and am quick at responding to any email I receive. Also, I am a pretty good speller and usually am not to bad with grammar. Please, PLEASE give me something to do. Please.

Back to your story. It was awesome. Yes, things that happened to Hermione in your story do happen in real life. It's shitty, but you deal with the shit and move on. I, well, I understand. I was in a... similar situation for a while... it takes a lot to get over shit like that. You did a good job. Thanks for writing it. Even if you don't pick me for your beta, I'll still wait patiently for your chapters in the sequel.


11/5/2004 c18 8really-big-HP-freak
I love this story..
11/5/2004 c18 LosOjosDeLaVida
this chapy was really good. I liked it a lot.

Blessed be
10/28/2004 c1 angry FAN
10/21/2004 c17 lee
rite more plz im adictd i wana hear more plz
10/17/2004 c17 2ignorencereekstruth
love this story, and its written so well! can't wait for the next chapter
10/8/2004 c17 fan
hey keep writeing! come on do more, my advice is...: cause hermione more pain! it add soo much, n take away the fluffy bits, it was so dark, then u lightened it up, darken it dammit, oh and a major point: never put in wat sprt of music they like, cuz it realtes it to the real world too muh, these stories were made to take you to another place...oh and i dnt like the charictor u created as Lyssa, its a good charictor, but shez too fluffy, darken her!
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