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10/2/2004 c17 maddie madrigalSkye
Just so you know, I uas two names to review... maddie and skye are the same person... me... yeah. Anyway, I am REALLY sorry if I bugged you to much about updating, it's just that your story is like, one of the very best! I was scared you were going to end it there, at the end of the Reliving Curse chapter. I just decided to check all the old fanfictions i haven't looked at in a while, yours was the first one I looked at. Let me tell you I was practically jumping for joy when I found out you'd updated. Okay, starting to sound a little stalkerish, sorry. NEwA, your new plot twist surprised me, I was so sure you were about to end the story. I'm glad you explained everything. It really helped. I don't think it was stupid of you to want 15 reviews, because you story is really good. Keep up the good work.

I sware I have a life other than reading fanfictions,

9/17/2004 c17 4taste for suicidal
you absolutely must must right more
9/17/2004 c17 16xCecilex
i love their outfits! their so awesome! harry, ron, and draco would so be good goths! lol. and highlights! lol. its so funny b/c my friend was considering dying her hair black and getting red highlights... lol. go them! lol. sounded preppy then. lol. though im kinda hyper... n e way! wonderful chapter! poor hermione. i say that a lot. lol. wonderful wonderful chapter!

p.s. i love their outfits!1
9/17/2004 c17 LosOjosDeLaVida
This wa sa great chapy. please update soon.

blessed be
9/17/2004 c17 Shazzarsgal
omg i just read your last update of the story and i am so addicted to it!

can u update as fast as possible

i cant wait till u do


9/15/2004 c17 8really-big-HP-freak
I love this story so much! *hugs the author cause she has an overwhelming love for the story!*
9/15/2004 c17 cait xo
good chapter! eek, wahts gonna happen? lol update asap thanx :)
9/15/2004 c17 5sugar n spice 522
well im reviewing cuz apparently im nice lol. that was really good - are they copying a real band or made up? im not educated on the whole gothic type punk look thing im more of a preppy girl so i cant say anything but i think the decriptions were good and all that and i cant wait to find out what happens next
9/13/2004 c16 3Little Grey Wing

I'm addicted to the story. Awsome job on everything. A few things you need to work on are some typing and grammatical errors. If you need/want someone to proof-read it after your betas I have all this time on my hands and i'd be more than happy to help. hmm I can't wait to read the next installment.

Keep Writing For It Is The Window To Your Own World.

9/12/2004 c16 orangutangirl
Dude, your story is awsome and it would be a pity if people didn't review.
9/9/2004 c16 LosOjosDeLaVida
Late review. Sorry. Anyways i loved this chapy. It was great. Please update soon. if possible before monday. i start skool on monday. Anyways i loved the chapy and update soon.

Blessed be
9/9/2004 c16 deanluva
hey i juss read ur story its awsome! plz plz plz update
9/8/2004 c16 11anchored
Hi! I have two things to say. Um, first, I am an Evanescance fanatic and for the song "Tourniquet" you had the lyrics wrong. The correct lyrics are:

"I lay dying, and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal. I'm dying, praying, bleeding, and screaming. Am I too lost to be saved? Am I too lost?" Just thought I would point that out.

One more thing: You said you refused to update until you got at least 15 reviews, but the thing is, that is not what fanfiction.net is all about. It's not a place where you write for other people. It's a place where you write for yourself.

This is a brilliant story and you reviewers deserve to read more, it's not their fault that others haven't read this yet. I just think that it is very immature to stop posting your story until you get a certain amount of reviews. I ask for reviews, but I never tell people that I won't post until I get them. If you aren't mature enough to understand this, then I'm not sure that you should be posting at all. Just think about it.

I'm sorry if that sounded harsh, I'm just trying to help! I really love this story and your talent shouldn't go to waste over reviews! XD

-sundaym0rning(your biggest fan)-
9/6/2004 c16 cait xo
aww they are so cute! update soon pleeze :) thanx
9/5/2004 c16 14Anigen
this rules you have to update soon big ups
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