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8/23/2004 c13 5sugar n spice 522
wow i think your story is really really good - youve invited some new stuff and its really interesting. the dark parts arent great but then again theyre not supposed to be - theyre really well written though. i cant wait to find out what happens next. and just wondering - isnt it piggy-back?
8/23/2004 c13 LosOjosDeLaVida
you have a really good story going.

Please update ASAP.

Blessed be
8/22/2004 c13 lilmissinnocent13
you're an amazing writer...
8/21/2004 c13 dragonstargirl
Ah! Kelei!

Holy crap, it's SO good to hear from you again! But i'll save all the explanations for a really long email i'll send you later - speaking of explanations, WOW what a great chapter! Once again, of course. Good idea, the Room of Requirement... finally, i'm really glad the four of them were there with her, for comfort at least. She definitely deserves that! And OMG, Harry saw the whole thing! Didn't see that coming! And one of the best parts was the very end... with a great big group hug. Aww! :)

Write again soon, and email me at my hotmail account, k?

~luv stargirl
8/21/2004 c6 Gabriela
the story rocks but u kinda made a mistake in this chapter saying that they don't understand how it feels...harry does know how it feels, his parents died before he could actually know and love them REMEMBER?
8/21/2004 c13 3Haystack8190
Sorry i haven't reviewed it like forever! But omg that was so good! I liked Hermione's little tantrum at the end, very realistic! And then when they all hugged her...too sweet! Keep going!


8/20/2004 c13 JadedAnna
omg. you have to update son! please... btw is this gonna be a DM/HG romance. i love those. please please please update soon!
8/20/2004 c13 8really-big-HP-freak
You are a really powerfull writer. Keep up the good good work
8/20/2004 c13 sundaym0rning
(too lazy to log in) BOO YA! YOU UPDATED SO FAST! this story is so awesome! goddammit you deserve so many more reviews! great chapter it made me cry! :D
8/20/2004 c12 3Moonlit River
I love it!

Good chappie.

Please update soon.

8/17/2004 c12 sundaym0rning
You...you updated. You ACTUALLY updated. I just got up and ran around the house screaming. My mom had to wack me over the head with her hair dryer to make me shut up.

Awesome chapter! I only saw that before Hermione spoke about how Draco wasn't a freak show and stuff, she said "What? What happened?" or something like that. hehe update sooner than you did last time please? LoL.
8/12/2004 c14 Emily
this story is so friggin awesome...you have to update!
8/11/2004 c14 Emily
update your story! it's friggin awesome...UPDATE IT!
7/29/2004 c1 elvinscarf
i'm going 2 kill you if you don't update
7/21/2004 c14 maddie madrigal
Please Update... please... I check every couple days... and it is NEVER updated...

Your story is one of my favorites...

Alright. I've tried giving suggestions, I've tried flattery... and now, I'm begging.

How Pathetic.

Give me back my dignity.

Just Update.
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