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11/15/2004 c1 2joyousremake
keep going... good story... i know its been a while but im reading older stories and i think this one has some potential ...
10/5/2004 c1 18stalltherain
I'd like to see more of this story. Though I'd hate to see his feelings hurt, I'm hoping to see that Jack's jealousy is justified.
7/5/2004 c1 3Ravenne Lil
It was good. I really liked the premise but I really, really wished you had put more detail into it. The story has alot of potential.
4/16/2004 c1 Sandy
You should write more of this one. It looks pretty interesting so far.
12/19/2003 c1 Azar Suerte
SUSAN! Tell me you're not going to end it there! I wanna know what this gift is, and what effect it's going to have on our intrepid explorers. Dare I hope that this apparent triangle might resolve in favor of the "newlyweds"? ;-)
12/8/2003 c1 13stexgirl2000
So when's the next part, eh? How irrational does Jack's jealousy get?
12/7/2003 c1 1summer-c-nemec-quinn
I hope you're not going to end it there. It's a good start to a story that could have some very humorous posibilities, I hope you write more.
12/7/2003 c1 chicken
Interesting, very interesting. Dare I hope for Sam/Jack shippiness? Please, with a chocolate covered O'Neill on top?
12/7/2003 c1 66JosephineLL
I think it's already shippy ... nice start!
12/6/2003 c1 pettygrew
Please don't make this a ship...please? I love the way this story is starting out.
12/6/2003 c1 5Liechtensteinerin
ooh- is there going to be more? Please say you're continuing this!
12/6/2003 c1 nel
finally! an original again! So many ideas where duplicated and duplicated again and all over again, it was no fun reading them anymore. Hope we'll get more soon ;)
12/5/2003 c1 22Maddy Lake Deep
I like this so far and very curious as to what happens next.
Gatergirl :-)

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