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2/6/2008 c20 13charmingbrenda
wow...i love the story...i love almost everything bout it... but there are things that i would want to happen, like prue having love life, as well as paige... and more harry scenes... but over all the story was good...rhanks..
7/4/2007 c20 5Xanthie
This story is so cool. I mean it! It took me a while to finish as my and sister kept borrowing the PC but I got through the whole thing..

I really, really like this. Great ending too..
12/28/2006 c7 SeaBreeze2Ga
WOW great story. I am loving it. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

SeaBreeze :-)
3/22/2005 c20 Sam
OMG that was such a great story! You did a great job with detail! I always look for a story about Charmed and Harry Potter and have hardly found a good one, but yours was great! It keep me on the edge of my seat. I loved it! That was a great story! GREAT JOB :) :) :) :) :)
11/11/2004 c3 Lady Marauder
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no that is just so wrong Leo and Piper so need to be together...that is just so wrong...don't get me wrong but i love Remus and everything but no... Piper and Leo so need to be together...ever think about Wyatt and Chris...If they know about Bianca they know about Chris being Piper and Leo kid
10/14/2004 c20 Tabitha78
yay! nice story. I laughed, and got misty eyed other times, and definitely enjoyed the intensity other times. You did a great job winding Charmed and Harry Potter together!

Hehe, I have to admit, that as I read all this, and realized what kind of research you must have done, or all the reading you had to have already done to do all that mythical stuff, was kinda disturbing, lol. But that's only in a good way. :) lol!

Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed it!
10/14/2004 c5 Tabitha78
Ok, since you've got Christ in this, and he's from the future, I think Phoebe might be going back in time to see Sirius? maybe? LOL... and that's who she gets pregnant from? so he ends up having an heir and all that jazz and that's the baby Voldemort wants? Just taking a stab at it...
10/14/2004 c4 Tabitha78
Aw! That just about moved me to tears. I can't help but wonder who will father this child she is to have though.

Very curious!
10/14/2004 c3 Tabitha78
aw! good good chapter!

Heehee, I found it, you DID write a sequel! LIking VERY Much! :)
7/14/2004 c20 potts
so, is it over? Great job by the way!
5/15/2004 c20 animalzoo
Excellent story. I enjoyed it throughly. I think that you were able to merge Charmed and Harry Potter as seamlessly as you could possibly. Excellent quality and excellent story. A+
4/11/2004 c20 9Arsonist Phoenix
THAT WAS FANTASMIC! (sry i couldn't post before, i was grounded, but now i'm not) That was awesome!
3/9/2004 c18 2Miss Brite
3/4/2004 c17 potts
Good chapter...isn't Chris Wyatt's brother in the show? Well, I guess you aren't really folowing the show anyway, please continue!
3/2/2004 c17 9Arsonist Phoenix
YAY! They got Nick back! Woo hoo! Not a cliffe! ::sighs:: fine! make me wait! if you really wanna be that way! ::hopes the guilt-tripping works, which it prolly wont, b/c I can't guilt trip worth anything::
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