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3/12/2004 c9 prues-clues
that was an exquisite part, so well written and just so great... poor Pheebs... but im glad she was able to talk about it, more asap okay
3/6/2004 c9 piperloverleo
that was great update soon
3/6/2004 c9 line100
that was about time, you cannot wait that long again! it's not nice! anyways what's gonna happen next? please update real soon...! please...!
and thank you so much for the mail, that was so sweet. i tried to answer but for some strange reason it said the mail was never send! you haven't got the mail right?
3/5/2004 c9 Piper15
Yay! you updated Stranger in the Shadows! Thank you! :) Great update, more soon I hope!
2/27/2004 c8 44Lucy H
Aws Leanne, this is great! It's really dark, and it's so powerful, well done! Even though I don't watch Charmed hehe, it's incredible
2/3/2004 c8 little me
OOh! Interesting, who's Tom? Better write more soon
1/31/2004 c8 furypiper
cool, keep going i like it when people are in pain(sick huh?)
1/30/2004 c8 versatilecutie
ok, all the chapters are great, this is amazing! oh, can't wait for the next chapter (pouts). it's good, keep it up.
1/29/2004 c8 line100
yeah i liked it. and i got a spot yay! i'm so happy! now please hurry up and update...! you're wonderful!
1/29/2004 c8 prues-clues
Oh Wow. Ok i just found this and its absolutley brilliant. i just read the whole thing in a sitting. You have got talent girl. Omg im worried about this tom thing tho... Piper and Pheebs need to Pull together... they can identify with eachother.
This is a truly amazing, brilliantly written story! i demand you write more asap gurl!
(PS is your name Leanne? hehe cause my name is Leanne as well! :)!)
1/28/2004 c8 Lulusa
Hey there Princess.
You are absolutely amazing. This is such a good story, well written and well described.
It has so many details that almost puts me inside the story.
By the way, the plot is very original.
1/28/2004 c8 piperloverleo
that was great update soon
1/26/2004 c7 Piper15
Hi, I think your story, Stranger in the Shadows, is really good, and I hope you update soon because I really want to know what happens to Piper and Phoebe!
~ Lisa ~
1/26/2004 c7 line100
a new chapter, yay! gotta say it's one of the best chapters so far. and a long one too. it's just wonderful. if you keep your promise and put the next chapter up real soon, you'll get a hug!
hurry up please...!
lol line
1/25/2004 c7 lulusa
Yes. Great story you have here. I just love it.
I'm so looking forward for the next chapters.
But I really hope none of them get pregnant. I HATE EVIL BABIES.
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