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1/20/2004 c6 little me
Holy moly of all that's good and holy! Seriously, need more now!
1/20/2004 c6 little me
Holy moly of all that's good and holy! Seriously, need more now!
1/18/2004 c6 9Charmed Writer P4
That was awful. Prue and Phoebe had to watch him...God, that's jsut revolting. I can't believe it... I am so glad she finally fought him off...What an evil bastard
1/18/2004 c6 line100
Is it done? if so congrats on one very finished and great fic. you derserves a hug *gives hug*
hurry up and write a new story please...!
1/17/2004 c6 katie
I really like this fic. This was a good chapter. I liked how Piper was able to fight him off. Please update soon!
1/12/2004 c5 line100
Good chapter, but I prefere when it's most Piper...
Anyways, hurry up and update...!
1/11/2004 c5 avi23
this is good. but prue and piper are going to find out what happened in NY right? I mean esp. now she cant hide it from them, just a thought. update soon this is very good
1/11/2004 c5 lulusa
I just hope for Prue to fry him in extra extra boiling oil!
You're ok!
1/11/2004 c5 Charmed Writer P4
That was so scary! Poor Phoebe...:(:( Please continue!
1/11/2004 c5 clairebear21
Great chapter! I want Prue to kick his sorry ass!
1/7/2004 c1 Silverado
Great story. Great writer.
Post soon.
1/7/2004 c4 little me
I love this story! very well written! but sad.. keep writing!
1/5/2004 c4 Jess
Absolutely wonderful!
When are we going to get some action?
It would be nice if the rapist came to her house and raped another sister in front of her.
1/5/2004 c4 Chub
good stuff...keep iyt up!
1/4/2004 c4 versatilecutie
please continue. the sister thing is very touching, wish i have it w/ my sis. anyways, god bless.
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