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7/30/2021 c21 305Traitor of All Traitors
I’m basically skimming through these chapters, but it’s looking good if it impresses me. I like outcomes where the good guys can live and love.
2/4/2019 c36 Traitor of All Traitors
I skimmed through this, but I must admit that I like it. You saved just about everyone that didn't deserve to die, and for that you have my eternal gratitude. Good work.
5/16/2012 c3 8Grey Wolf4
A review of your re-writes is a bit overdue but I'll do it when I can, its great so far. Also better thought out on the Flame of Recca backstory and others also on Crawfords motives for his actions.

Also someone had hacked into my account forcing me to change me my password!
1/20/2012 c36 Major Cutner
Oh boy it seems this Lt. Reese does not understand what it means to be an officer at all and how on earth did he get his commission? He is in the army right? He definately would not have been trained at West Point or Virginia Military Institute he'd have been kicked out within his first year.

As for OCS the best scenario is he barely passed his tests with a narrow margin from failure.

Beacause once he committed conduct unbecoming an officer when he burst into Drake's office and ranted at Drakken also as Drake pointed he could also face charges of disobeying orders.

Why is Reese still in the military? Let alone in an elite military unit like FOXHOUND? I can imagine with the way he acts numerous reprimands and black marks on his record because there is no way a guy like him would have a clean record.

My advice is you and your friends might want to take a look at the United States Code of Military Justice sometime.
1/20/2012 c35 Major Cutner
Again Lt. Reese has committed even more offences under UCMJ Article 133 for barging into a medical facility unnannounced and demanding to see an unready operative.

Also Reese did not handle the clash with Riku as he was supposed to, he was also yelling and throwing tantrums plus he was making a false accusation towards Riku that also comes under conduct unbecoming. Not to mention like in chapter 7 Reese was behaving this way in front of a superior officer.

I'm glad this General Drake guy at least stated what Reese did wrong and the interpretation he presented as you showed it was right.
1/20/2012 c22 Major Cutner
Again Reese commits yet another wanton act of Conduct Unbecoming an officer and a gentleman and if Yuhi had hit Reese the charge of assault would have been dropped as Campbell would have to make a report to superiors because Reese in fact did effectiely start a fight.

Also the disrespecting an officer which Riku did would have been dropped if an officer is guilty of Conduct Unbecoming and the junior officer or enlisted man disrepected the offensive office the disrespect is ignored in favour of the charges towards the guilty officer.

A veteran officer would have emphasised somewhat more on Reese's own conduct.
1/20/2012 c13 Major Cutner
Regardless of how classified it is, it is still a rescue mission and also Reese would be guilty of gross incompetence, violation of mission objectives not to mention dereliction of duty.
1/20/2012 c7 Major Cutner
Good fic but there are a few factual errors:

How Lt. Reese behaved in this chapter in a relatively public place would come under UCMJ Article 133 Conduct Becoming an Officer and a Gentleman and he could have been detained right there.

Col. Campbell I doubt would be so weak in the face of such conduct also without giving so much as a proper reprimand would come under Dereliction of Duty.
5/9/2009 c2 7ShardclawKusanagi
Hey, just wanted to say that so far I like the changes for the revisions thus far, keep up the great work. Hopefully the next chapter will offer more surprises and goodies that I'm curious on checking out, which I'm going to read now.
6/3/2008 c36 Ominae
Read it all. An impressive crossover. Reminds me of Infiltration.

I'm doing a Full Metal Panic/Metal Gear series/Tom Clancy series/Spy Fiction crossover called Overwatch. Not sure if you like it, but feel free to take a look see.
9/28/2007 c36 ShardclawKusanagi
Sorry for the extremely long wait for a review for this very well written and executed update of yours, I'd been really busy with work and personal issues lately as usual, not to mention that I had to read into Alice 19th at first, which I am drawing near to the final set of chapters.

In any case, on with the review. First off, I really liked how you potrayed GreyWolf's characters in this chapter, everyone of them had their personalities down to what I'd imagined and it only got me hooked to see what further roles they will play in this story, most epsecially Shade and Kurando/Darkness, though I have yet to play/complete Shadow Hearts 2 and 3 to be familiar with the monsters used in this chapter.

As usual, the Ceres characters were also potrayed nicely and I liked how things are going to work out for Aya's and Toya's future, not to mention what Micheal would do for the traumatised Gladys Smithson, it was an excellent touch. I even liked Alec's reaction soon after a lot. Also, a great job on having Shirakawa and Kurama of Elfen Lied appear in this chapter, those two are among my favorites, especially in the manga. Hope to see the other characters from the series make an appearance soon in this story before the next following revised chapters of SX are posted. (I'm planning an appearance of them very soon, so you can mail me if you have questions and suggestions.)

Another thing I liked was the references to Tokimeki Check In and Snow Drop (another h-game I have yet to find time to play soon) and its okay with me that they were only be mentioned as those for now, but I'm more eager to see how the characters from Alice 19th, (the ones I recognize so far, that is), Madlax, Phantom of Inferno and Basilisk will be potrayed in this fic.

Again, sorry for the long wait for my reply. Hope to see another update of this story as I'm curious as to what will happen to Riku and his partners.
8/8/2007 c36 8Grey Wolf4
This is a great chapter this was well worth the wait and I loved the interactions quite a lot and how Gennosuke and Oboro have been introduced. I've only read the manga of Basilisk mind you.

But a reminder to you from the attack on the Uruha mansion by the mercenary company Fenrir (working for NESTS) and in the aftermath Kenshin suffered from amnesia for several years and was assumed dead the fact this was not mentioned really bothers me. In my forthcoming companion fic Dark Phoenix Kenshin will have rejoined the Hokage clan by then. I'll send you the rest of the details via e-mail okay?

Anyway this is a good chapter.
7/5/2007 c35 Light Horseman
This is a great companion fic you may want to check out my review on MGS: Children of Evangelion and I understand what you are saying about the manga and the anime of Flame of Recca.

The authors notes at chapter 35 cleared up whatever confusion I had about the whole thing and I loved the Ceres crossover and I don't know why more people don't review this fic!
1/10/2007 c35 7ShardclawKusanagi
Hey, sorry for the long wait to the review, but I've been really busy lately with working on my job and fiction, as well as been gaming . Anyways, this was a well worthy update, I realliked the interactions with many of the characters that appeared in the chapter, not to mention the revealation of what we could be expecting in the future and from what I can tell, they certainly look like promising things to look forward to.

A good way to start off the year, Dark-san, excellent job as always. I hope to see an update soon when you get the chance. Be expecting a mail from me soon after this review.
1/4/2007 c35 8Grey Wolf4
This is a great update I've loved how you characterised everyone and the interactions were wonderful. As for Kenshin's story Dark Phoenix I hope to have it out this January or February.

One thing though a mistake you need to correct: Michael left the U.S. Army in 2005, 5 years before Venom Coursing and his unit was mercenary a little something I have changed. Just to let you know in case you didn't get the updated profile of Michael that I sent you.

Anyway this was a great update and I shall look forward to the next one!
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