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4/24/2007 c7 3Alexandria Jaganshi
update! PLEASE *whines pitifully* I'm begging you! UPDATE ASAP! PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*

Oh... shiny... *steals Van's sword and Hitomi's neclace* *cue lightning and thunder*

9/19/2004 c3 Cynthia
Very interesting idea of him being caught by the authorities of Earth. I wonder what he'd think of a jet, seeing as his own planet's summit of technology is a guymelef...

I do wonder how on Earth Van could fly along side a jet, however, those things go hundreds of kilometres a hour...

When you used the word 'hime', that doesn't mean king, it means princess. Oo ?i‰¤?jor kokuoo ?i?‘‰¤?jmean king.

"Boku wa namae no Tomodachi wa Kanzaki, Hitomi desu." means I name's friend is Kanzaki Hitomi.

However: Boku no tomodachi no namae wa Kanzaki Hitomi desu. Means 'My friend's name is Kanzaki Hitomi.'
8/18/2004 c7 1Kya77
Another great chapter. I look forward to more. Van getting himself into trouble how typical of him. *lol*
7/28/2004 c7 kmmgirly
that was really good. it would be good if you wrote longer chapters. well, update soon! can't wait to read more...
7/26/2004 c7 Carrie21 when signed in

I love your story. I really love the stories where Van comes to the Mystic Moon and visits Hitomi! I cant wait to read more. Your doin just a LOVELY job. Very nice.

7/26/2004 c7 Snow Tenshi

...Research. That happened in another fiction. *Cringes * Poor Van...Ickies.
5/22/2004 c6 colombian cjick
holy shit she just smacked him
wouldnt you
i know i would
keep on going i want to know what happens next
love, colombian chick
5/20/2004 c6 Kya77
*lol rolling on the floor* YES! Go Hitomi, go! Van deserved that after cutting her of only two years away. What he couldn't be patient and trust in their love? I am just hyped to read your next chapter where all will be revealed, hai? Or at least why Van got slaped will be revealed to others. Fun fun fun yeah!
4/28/2004 c1 alexie
no yeah that was not fair. what is the point in writing in Japanese sheesh we are English not from Japan
4/15/2004 c2 12Darkia
It's too jumpy, doesn't really make a lot of sense.
4/14/2004 c6 chely
Oh Please PLease PLEASE write another chapter I what to know what happens nexts its so cool Please write more chapters!
4/13/2004 c4 Carrie21
omg! This is gonna be the greatest story. Like ah! How romantic! Like holy jumpers. I hope you get more chapters up gonna die if you dont. You have a beautiful way of writing..twould be a shame if you didnt use it to your full advantage. :0)
P.S. *coughMORE!cough*
4/12/2004 c6 13Eternal Nightshade
Very good chapter...However, if I was with you...I would whack you and/or Van in the back of the head. Baan no Baka! I'LL say! _ IDIOT! ...Hitomi no Baka...she slapped Van...
1/26/2004 c5 Eternal Nightshade
YAY! Another chappy! ^_^ I'm so happy I can't feel my face!
Me:Oh lighten up Sarah! And tell the good writer what you think!
Sarah: ^^ I liked it! I bet Hitomi is none to happy about Van leaving her. Thank you for writing Shinigami-Sama1! I'll be reading too!
Me: And I agree with Sarah, ^_^ on every bit!
P.s that forsaking thing was so sad...*Cries* It's was pretty though...I like it when people use songs in their fictions. ^_^
1/25/2004 c4 One-Mean-Rabbit
please post the next chapter!
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