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3/8/2004 c13 Rosie
Hey Kaitlyn! I loved this chapter! Please continue! I loved all the lobster lovin! Thanks for letting them work through the problem! I can't wait for the next chapter! MOre lobster lovin please!
Your friend, Rosie! "Rach"
Ross and Rachel 4ever Lobsters!
3/8/2004 c13 LanieCroft
A wonderful chapter. You have a great way with words. Thank you for your beautiful story.
3/8/2004 c13 1angels-gurl1
Great story im loving it! Please update ASAP!
3/8/2004 c13 Kim
Dang girl! This story is amazing. Keep up the good work. It's hard to find really good Rachel and Ross stories. Thank you for this one.
3/7/2004 c13 Amy
Really great chapter!Please update soon!
3/7/2004 c12 5jenniferfan100
This is GREAT! PLEASE continue AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I LOVE this, and I liked the twist at the end! PLEASE don't break up R+R, and PLEASE continue AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
3/7/2004 c13 FlFriend
This chapter was excellant, but I didn't think it was that rated "R". It was very nice and appropriate. Can't wait for chapter 14. :)
2/28/2004 c12 Rosie
Hey, Kaitlyn! I absolutley love this story! ITs so good! I love all the Ross and Rachel moments! I am a huge lobster fan! I was following this story and I am so glad u updated! Please UPDATE ASAP! But please keep the lobsters together! NO breaking up please! They are so cute together! I love every chapter! continue asap!
a friend always, Rosie"Rach"
Ross and Rachel Lobsters 4ever!
2/28/2004 c12 RnR4eva9403
I absolutely love this fic! It's one of my all time favorites, no doubt. I love RnR and you write them perfectly. I can't wait to hear more. I'm glad their wedding isn't going to be perfectly smooth, I like the drama. Keep the chapters coming girl!
2/27/2004 c12 Amy
This is getting very exciting!I can't wait to see where you go with this!Please continue very soon!
2/27/2004 c12 LanieCroft
wow, I didn't see that coming. Very cool twist in your story. This is a real shocker.
Not what a woman wants to hear a day before the wedding. I wonder if Monica knew about that.
Gosh, I hope you post soon I can't wait to read how Rachel will that the news.
2/27/2004 c12 Exintaris
Complications! This is an interesting twist. Ross is handling it quite well, though ... so far.
Sometimes you're not quite using the right word: I'm feel that to say that Lindsay "had an unshakable look of constipation" risks making the reader laugh inappropriately.
I like Phoebe and Joey in this one.
2/26/2004 c12 1Lobster lover
holy crap! You can't just end there...ah! Wow i love this story and you HAVE to update soon. You're doing some great writing. Good job
2/26/2004 c12 FriendsHolic
Woah, what a surprise...Lindsay huh... it was a good chapter...Although i smell a bit of trouble with that Lindsay girl...
Anyways, i can't wait to hear the rest
2/26/2004 c12 FlFriend
Great story, but how come we never heard of this Lindsay before? Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
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