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2/26/2004 c12 8dupton
Are, you freakin' kidding me, Green? I mean, Kaitlyn. Sorry.
Woah. I was not expecting that. Brilliant twist (and Lindsay reminds me of someone... :$). I have been reading this, just not reviewing it, and it's SO good. Love it, Kaitlyn. Truly brilliant. Continue soon!
2/20/2004 c11 WrittenInTheStars
This is really excellent. I'm not usually a huge R/R fan but I'm really enjoying this story...it's so beautifully written and it really captures the love they have for one another. I particularly liked Chapter 10...it was perfect. I look forward to reading more soon!
2/18/2004 c11 20LLFOREVER
Awesome! I love Ross and Rachel! Update soon please.
2/18/2004 c11 FlFriend
It was a good chapter, but nothing really happened in it. But, I did like the Ross and Rachel part, so can't wait for the next chapter. :)
2/17/2004 c11 didn't feel like logging in
this is so good! I LOVE this story hehe its really cute and funny. I love the little Ross and Rachel bits in it, they're funny... I can't wait to read more! PLEASE continue SOON!
2/17/2004 c11 6VeroGeller
I'm loving more this fic each passing chapter... please continue ;)
2/17/2004 c11 FriendsHolic
cute chap, i like it, WOW Ross sure is horny lol... that's cute.. i can't wait to hear more...
so keep those chap coming ;)
good job
2/15/2004 c10 Aquila
WOW! This story is great! Really, I love it!
I like how she's gonna marry without her daddy there. I really don't like him. ( her dad I mean!)
You write it very well. The end is a bit cheesy but it fits. It's very sweet...
continue soon...
luv ya
kleiner Adler
2/9/2004 c10 VeroGeller
OMG!... I absolutely LOVED this chapter... it was so sweet, romantic, intimate... it was perfect... please, feel free to keep on writing things like this... I'm begging ;)...
Just one thing though, the last name of the girl who sings "Follow me" is Chisholm, not Carter... and I LOVE that song too... everything about this chapter was perfect :)
2/9/2004 c10 Kelly
That was AMAZING, WOW hope you bring on more chapters like that, excellent work am loving this fic and this was the best chapter yet
2/9/2004 c10 8PrincessRachel13
I absolutely love this fic! It's amazing! The chemistry between Ross and Rachel is beautiful. I wish I could find love like that. You write their relationship beautifully. Please continue soon!
2/9/2004 c10 20LLFOREVER
OMG, that almost made me cry. Awesome job.
2/9/2004 c10 FlFriend
Well then, I think you made your point. Very nicely done, no complaints. Can't wait for chapter 11. :)
2/9/2004 c10 debs
bloody gd story i just read all 10 chapters continue
2/9/2004 c10 LanieCroft
Wow, what was an unbelievable beautiful writen chapter.
This was stunning, very intimate and somehow while read I felt like an intruder in RnR very private moment. I'm wow, really this was ... I don' think I'll find the right words ... it was perfect.
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