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2/3/2004 c36 11hyperpiper91
I like girls...hehe. But those were AWESOME chapters!
2/3/2004 c35 Kayla
Little Gracie Carter! Haha, I said that yesterday when I read chapter 34!
and here's my review for chapter 36:
"There's gonna come a time when 'I'm sorry' just isn't gonna cut it. One of these days it'll be your last chance."
AH! I'm so happy she finally said that, she lets him off the hook too easily, but then again he's hot and he loves her, I guess I'd do the same :-P
Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read more :)
2/3/2004 c36 Aaron
Were you in a hurry that ending was kind of abrupt Wonderful chapter nonetheless
2/3/2004 c36 vkh214
I updated my story. It'll make you hungry and laugh. No magic stethoscopes though.
GOOd chapter!
2/3/2004 c35 Aaron
You're so sweet Thank you Great job
2/3/2004 c35 carbyfan
Both of them need to grow up a bit. Carter needs to open up. Abby needs to quit throwing back the ring every time they argue. I really don't want to see her friend again. I do not want to see Carter get jealous or anything like that. That would just highlight immaturity instead of maturity.
2/3/2004 c35 5Happy Fae
another good chapter. yay! please dont make them fight anymore. it makes me sad. lol. x
2/2/2004 c34 11hyperpiper91
Great chapter! Good choice of names to! Of course...you know which I'd prefer...
2/2/2004 c34 1CarbyFan100
i loved this chapter it was really sweet and really funny.lol
kaden Carter is soo cute! :) keep going its really good
2/2/2004 c34 Aaron
Did you put my name in the story on purpose anyway to this i say I Love it1
2/2/2004 c34 mrbubblesandme
OKay. That was weird. Tom Hanks? Puhlease... Tom Cruise is so much better looking! Althought Hanks is a good actor so why am I upset. I'm glad you love my reivews, i love to write them especially when i'm hyper you'll never know what the fuck I'm going to write.
2/2/2004 c34 Kayla
I love the names for the baby! Especially Grace, just because when I imagine Carter and Abby having a baby together, it just seems like the name they would pick for their daughter.
2/2/2004 c34 5Happy Fae
yay! happy carby. kaden is a cute name, neva really heard it before. x
2/1/2004 c33 11hyperpiper91
More! You can't leave me here like this! I need to know what happens next!
2/1/2004 c32 5Happy Fae
they have to get married! you cant take that away from me! x
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