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2/1/2004 c31 5Happy Fae
woah! jake is a bastard! i think you should kill him otherwise i might hit my computer with a baseball bat to kill him myself. (just kidding, my dad would kill me!)this fic is so good. it is definatly one of the best ones i have read in a long time. i love your style of writing, it works well. keep it going. x
2/1/2004 c32 Jackie
Augh! Now Abby is being stupid. Ok well I'm gonna trust that you know what you're doing b/c everything else has turned out ok. You're doing an amazing job w/ the story and I'm excited to read more!
2/1/2004 c33 mrbubblesandme
i know they do! I watch them all the time. I have my SVU tape and my ER tape and watch/listen to them while doingmy hw. Helps me right along.
Umm.. Great chapter. What's he going to do? I'm getting so ancious (However the hell you spell that) I don't care I'm drinking a frappe for my cold. Screw spelling although I got an A in it.
2/1/2004 c32 22Hasselhoff
good chapter. realistic. I gotta do dishes. Write more. Bye. :D
1/31/2004 c32 5love.greys.evanovich.lots
NO they have to get married and she has to say yes to havin a kid! LOL! PUH-LEASE! this is great! Keep it up cnt wait for more!
1/31/2004 c32 RossandRachel4ever1829
more please! Abby should & will have his kids or maybe she gets pregnant...now.
1/31/2004 c32 41SMS13
AH Why does the perfect thing always have to be ruined? Wait.. It's Carter adn Abby we're talking about here.. Enough said... LOL I like the mild fuzz... More than what the stupid producers are giving us.. Why don't you go over there, kick Chulack out of his spot and take over for him? You'd do a better job!
1/31/2004 c32 11hyperpiper91
WOW! Thats just Awesome. More please!
1/31/2004 c32 Aaron
write more Please let there be a happy ending sure i'll marry you lol
1/31/2004 c32 mrbubblesandme
ADOPT ONE! You don't need to make pne. There's plenty more kids out there who need homes and they don't have parents. Oh and I'm sorry i didn't get a chance to review the last chapter. It was great. But also so sad. I'm not going to ask "How can you write that stuff?" because i do all the time. I watch way too much Law &Order SVU and ER combined. Okay I'm done. Don't want to scare you even more.
1/31/2004 c32 carbyfan
I hope abby either changes her mind ir they decide to adopt. it would be a shame if they break up and/or don't have any more kids.
1/31/2004 c32 jasonsgurl07
NO..u cant do this..u cant have not get married! haha! cant wait for more!
1/31/2004 c31 41SMS13
that is absolutely depressing. OMG the poor kid... and carter adn abby are going out to dinner and dancing when the poor girl is traumatized for life? OMG that's just aw... Sadness... I'm shutting up sorry it's the minus six hours of sleep i've gotten lately...
1/30/2004 c31 RossandRachel4ever1829
more please! I am glad Anne is okay.
1/30/2004 c31 Jackie
Oh! Poor Annie. While I'm enjoying this plot development and I love Annie I'm glad there will be more Carter and Abby! I would like to say that Annie getting kidnapped and everything, it was a tough thing for writers to handle. I've seen a lot of people screw it up but not you. You handled it perfectly! Good job!
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