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for Longing

1/11/2004 c15 vkh214
aw... happy moment. poor little kid. please continue.
1/11/2004 c15 Canard
Aw! So cute!
1/10/2004 c14 5love.greys.evanovich.lots
WOOHOO that was so col! Omg u so have to continue! I cant wait to read more! GREAT WORK!
1/9/2004 c14 11hyperpiper91
More! I like it...Carby...
1/9/2004 c14 IDontWriteIJustRead
i like the story. Exploring the idea of Abby having to deal with Carter's child by another woman. Good idea.
1/8/2004 c14 Canard
Yay! Happy Carby is...well...HAPPY!
1/8/2004 c14 Tilde8884
Yeah Baby, bring on the fuzz...well one can hope!
Great Chapter...keep it up!
1/8/2004 c14 Kayla
I really like this story. I can't wait for more :)
1/8/2004 c14 JanBry
good going!
i hope you will spend more chapters on happy carby moments :)
1/8/2004 c14 Alex
I'm happy! Your on the right path. (I don't mean to sound mean but I am glad you killed Jessica off.) Your story is as grea as always but a bit jumpy.
1/8/2004 c14 4S.Woods
liked it, I hope the happy carby will last more than just ONE chapter!
1/8/2004 c14 Vicki
Aw Jessica is dead. Too bad for her.
1/8/2004 c13 JanBry
they are going to get rid of Jessica!
just fall into carter's arm, abby!
1/8/2004 c12 5love.greys.evanovich.lots
argh... DAMN CLIFFHANGERS! i hate ! This is so good.. Jessica cant be pregnant! CARBY WILL PREVAIL!
1/7/2004 c12 Kelly
Holy Cliffhanger!This is really good! please continue
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