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2/17/2004 c45 3higherbeingfriendsfan
Please update soon I want to know who Danny is! :)
LOL I bet a lot of people wish they had kids with Noah Wyle ;)
2/16/2004 c45 Trish
Awesome fic! Absolutely love it and obsessed with it. glad u, ulike some other authors, still find time to update. Keep it goin' pleez:-)
2/16/2004 c45 RossandRachel4ever1829
More please! Oh, no please no stupid bachelor party!
2/16/2004 c45 Jackie
I'm going to assume this is one of those twists and turns you were talking about. I'm curious as to who this Danny guy really is. I shouldn't have doubted that you would keep this fabulous story going and I can't wait to read more!
2/16/2004 c45 Duckygirl
AWSOME! Please write more really soon! It's so so great! I can't wait to find out who this danny guy is!
2/16/2004 c45 Kayla
Just when you think everything is goin great...someone always screws it up! Damn that Danny!
2/16/2004 c45 carbytothecore
2/16/2004 c45 11hyperpiper91
This is the bestest story ever! I love it! You're gonna do something for her birthday? What about me. I'm the one who turned 13! thats a big step, I'm like, old now. lol.
2/16/2004 c45 mrbubblesandme
I'm 15 now. It's okay. It wasn't a s bad as i thought it was. Oh well. Me and my mother made up. thanks though
2/16/2004 c45 carbyfan
I might have to quit reading this fic if Carter dlept with a stripper. Up top now you have had mostly belivable and not over the top angst like so many other fics. I hope it stays that way or I might lose interest.
2/16/2004 c45 Aaron
just when i thoght i was out they pull me back in it's genius
2/15/2004 c44 24ILuvCarbyFuzz
this is the best story i have ever read on this site. best er story ever written. and i am SO, not exaggerating.
2/15/2004 c41 ILuvCarbyFuzz
WHAT! AFTER ALL THAT FIGHTING FOR HER, AND NOW HE IS SAYING HE DOESN'T LOVE HER? this is so screwed up! i am in love with this story, im tellin ya! really, really, really, good job...
2/15/2004 c29 ILuvCarbyFuzz
Thank God. 4 some stupid reason i actually thought they were over...again...lol. I forgot you were writing this story. :)
2/15/2004 c26 ILuvCarbyFuzz
HAHAHA! that was so cute! annie is adorable! what kind of name is mim anyway? lmao.
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