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for Longing

2/15/2004 c21 24ILuvCarbyFuzz
omg...how can he freakin say that! i love this story so much! you are doing such a great job with it! awesome. this is absolutely fantastic!
2/15/2004 c44 ChasingAngel
This story is awesome! I just sat here and read through all 44 chapters. I'm only sorry that I found it so late. You've done an amazing job, and I can't wait for more!
2/15/2004 c44 Connie
Great chapter
2/15/2004 c44 carbyfan
I loved the fuzz in this chapter. The telephone conversation was good too. I am so glad that they are married and have found happiness after the death of one of their children. Annie/Abby really are mother/daughter now.
2/15/2004 c44 1CarbyFan100
i love this story so much. please dont finish it.i look forward to reading it every day. at least do another chapter.then do a sequal or something.well done its brilliant!
2/15/2004 c44 3higherbeingfriendsfan
Bless Annie lol shes adorable! Can't wait for the next chapter :D
2/14/2004 c44 Amanda
Yes I finally get to review this fic, I been reading it everytime u update. Its really a great story. Sincerly Amanda
2/14/2004 c44 11hyperpiper91
thats good to know. I don't like an ending to a good story...
2/14/2004 c44 RossandRachel4ever1829
AW! I loved this chapter!
2/14/2004 c44 Kayla
I was afraid by the title of this chapter, that something bad was going to happen...but *breaths a sigh of relief* everything is fine...for now.
2/14/2004 c44 5Happy Fae
did u make up with ure friends? hope so. chapter was really good. happy that they got married at last! x
2/14/2004 c44 Jackie
They're married! YAY! It's like the perfect little family now. Uh oh. Does that mean this story is going to end? I hope not b/c it is one of my all time favs!
2/14/2004 c44 Aaron
WHAY DO YOU MEAN JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER! just kidding you kick all the authors butts
2/14/2004 c44 Vkh214
I'm sorry. I've been busy. But today's my birthday and it was horrible. But yeah... I don't know... It's good?
2/14/2004 c44 4MrsWyle
Look! I can review my own fic. That's so cool. God, I'm such a loser. Oh well! Yay!
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