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for Longing

2/6/2004 c38 11hyperpiper91
Hey, maybe I'll get my girl now...i'll give ya' my name suggestions next time, yes? But, Awesome chapter, keep going, tis good.
2/6/2004 c38 5Happy Fae
how can anyone not love annie? i love her and she isn't even real! lol. twins heehee, boy and a girl? that'll be cool. update soon please!
2/5/2004 c38 mrbubblesandme
I'm glad you're flattered but really i was just babbaling. I do that all the time. Umm I have a story on fictionpress but i don't want you to read it only the last chapter.
the name is Regretting What I did
2/5/2004 c38 jasonsgurl07
2/5/2004 c38 Aaron
TWINS! I did not see that coming Wonderful keep on
2/5/2004 c37 Aaron
You always end at the best places fantastic chapter!
2/5/2004 c37 Connie
It is such a great story cant wait for the next chapter
2/5/2004 c37 11hyperpiper91
Bah! Bad Carter. This is Really good. keep going. me like it a lot!
2/5/2004 c37 mrbubblesandme
Thanks for reviewing. Updates are good! I was wicked hungry while writing that chapter, so in the midle after the metion of food, I went and ate, and came back to finish it.
I hate to say this to Annie but it's her fault she found all that out. SHe was eavesdropping. But what the fuck we all eavesdrop, and don't tell me you don't, when you're parents are fighting or when your older sister is on the phone. While I'm off to school. It's a block day. and I have 2 studys in a row, that mean 3 hours of listening to music and coming up with ideas for my next chapter, which of course i'll have to watch the movie again, i'm thinking of including some stuff for the Broadway musical as well. My favorite song, when the beast sings. Anyway i'm just babling, which is funny because i was really bored and hyper sunday and i sent a fucnky email to everyone on my contact list. Okay goodbye.
P.S this is the longest review I've ever written!
2/5/2004 c37 5Happy Fae
love carby! love annie! love carby babies! love the story, update it soon please. x
2/4/2004 c37 Kayla
I'd watch that documentary on mayfly larvae with you if he was in it!
Great chapter, I'm glad they made up!
2/4/2004 c36 fanfictionfanatic
yay! talking is good! they are gonna live happily ever after right? because they have too like...doug and carol! yea they are the new doug and carol! who have the 2 kids and the white picket fence w/ the dog.
update soon! i'm addicted to this fic.
blessed be
2/4/2004 c36 Happy Fae
i like it from carters pov, gives the story a different feel. love the chapter, update soon. x
2/3/2004 c36 RossandRachel4ever1829
more please! I hope they work things out. I really like Carter's POV.
2/3/2004 c36 Jackie
I liked having a chapter from Carter's point of view. It was a nice change. Carter has a vindictive side. Nice! LOL! However he should talk to Abby. But then again what do I know? You've done a great job thus far so I'm just gonna shut up now! Keep up the great work!
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