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for Eye of the Beholder

6/15/2008 c1 applespoils
LOL! You win! Makes me wonder if kishmoto copied your idea. =P
3/18/2008 c2 9Haru Inuzuka
This fanfic is interesting, I do hope you continue this story as soon as you can!
1/28/2008 c1 2HikariNoRei
Pretty sweet
7/26/2007 c1 phantomshadowdragon
Wow, didn't see that coming. My favorite weird pairing is Ita/Naru, second fav is Sasu/Naru. I'm such a yaoi fangirl. X3
7/16/2007 c2 Janneia
Argh... did you have to cut off at such an exciting point? No wait, stupid question, isn't it? -_-; Well then, your story is very suspenseful at this point and I can't wait until the next instalment comes out. :3 Nice explanation and plot for why Itachi what he did, btw. :D
3/24/2007 c1 Visceral Epiphany
wow...itachi is the spy...WTF!
11/3/2006 c2 4Vellor The Ancient
i like this story, nice plot and i like the good guy!itachi.
8/27/2006 c2 Yukino-chan
this is 1 time thing. is it? hope u will continue!
7/15/2006 c1 17Theif of the Sand
No KISAME! *cries* Why!*cries some more!

Oh and could you make this a KakaSaku and a NaruHina?
7/14/2006 c2 4Kamui Gaia 07
6/20/2006 c2 3Neko of death
I'm intregueid...if that's even how you spell the word. :p No, really, I can't wait to read the next chapter!
5/28/2006 c2 Fate
Wonderful read!

Can't wait for more!
4/18/2006 c2 7Kitsune Shinigami
tsikuyomi i believe is actually moon world or world of the moon or sumthing like that. and akatsuki is not dawn akaTSUKI TSUKIyomi. aka tsuki is red moon, aka is red and tsuki is moon. do ur research or read other fics
3/18/2006 c2 18hragaman
Okay, I gotta admit, this is just too-too great-seriously, the reaction I had at the end of the first chapter, was something along the lines of "holy f*" with my eyes about to pop outta my head. I mean, WOW!

If this ever comes off of hiatus, you'll be able to hear my "squee!" from China!

Kinda ironic that Sasuke became a missingnin in light of your story **snigger**
3/11/2006 c2 Guest
I've never even thought about this possibility... great job, it would tie perfectly with the show (and manga) as if it was actually a part of it. You work wonders.
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