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for RumRunner: Diary of a Pirate

1/17/2007 c1 4threeheadedmonkey
Hilarious! I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
1/17/2007 c7 4Random Authoress
Wow, this is quite random...I like it! Elizabeth is more than a bit scary, though. I like the one for Norrington a lot. Great work!
12/18/2006 c1 3la vampire susan
:) hehehehe funny!
11/10/2004 c16 25Alteng
Poor Jack. Still can't catch a break. Kitchen duty is getting really bad. Well, at least Cotton got a new parrot. So, when did Jack pick up Bo'sun, Pintel and Ragetti again?

Monkey in the room again. Is he halluncinating?
10/29/2004 c1 13Fan of Fan Fic
Note to self: Don't let Gibbs make dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha etc...
10/15/2004 c1 Fanfic-petition

I think the new rules brought in by the fan fiction… people, are really stupid and are just limiting our creative thoughts. So, therefore, I am forming a petition, to sign please e-mail me at fanfic_petition@ including your name (or if you don’t want to tell me just write anonymous) your e-mail and your fanfic penname.


I post all signers names on my profile.
7/26/2004 c15 25Alteng
Hey! It could have been worse! Gibbs could have fixed Jack's compass so that it points north!

So, when did barbossa's crew join Jack's crew again?

Oh, adn a comment about Cotton doing the cooking duty. How good can a man be at satisfying the tastebuds when he has no tongue!
5/9/2004 c14 Lil' Hellcat
Wolfbandit: Barbossa needs anger management. (looks at Maddy who is hitting self on head with hammer) I need therapy.
Maddy: *gasp* You too?
Kyrii: Technically, it is Elizabeth's Will. Read the story.
Koahai: (reads story) (long pause)
Kohai: NO! SHE WILL PAY! (starts chainsaw and puts on hockey mask) gr.
Kyrii: Auhtor, I would warn Elizabteh.
5/7/2004 c14 Alteng
Yes, we need a chapter about James being a daddy! But the villains are so much fun, now aren't they!
A nice chapter between Jack meeting up with Barbosa again might be kind of fun, you know. By the way, who's go the Black Peartl at this time?
4/27/2004 c13 Alteng
And singing very off key at that!
Okay, this is a funny little chapter, but it needs to be moved to that first week with Pintel and Ragetti's diary. That way you keep all the first weeks together.
So, if Barbosa ran Pintel through with his sword, does this mean that they are all still undead?
Boy, Barbosa is going tobe upset when he finds out that Jack the Monkey is with Jack "the thieving imbelcile"! I wonder who will be deader? The monkey or Sparrow!
4/17/2004 c12 Alteng
Well, at least Ragetti's alright, but he and Pintel make such a good team! Bo'sun biddies with them. Now, that's a new one. I would figure that he'd make soufee out of them! Oh well! There is no telling! Somehow i thought that they would find Ragetti in a bar doing one of those dancing girls act. You know the ones, like the old west thing. I think it's called the can-can. OH! That could have been really frightening. I was going to have the both of them do that, but it didn't work out!
So, it would have been funny if the Blair Witch came after all three of them!
Oh, and yes, Barbosa, strangely enough, is a chick magnet. I do think it is his dressed style. What is it that ZZ Top says, "There's nothing like a sharp dressed man . . ." I think that's it. I haven't listened to mainstream music. Somehow, Dead Can Dance.
Jack is a pain in the butt, ain't he, and I look forward to James's child.
4/8/2004 c11 2Johnny Depp girl 4 ever
Ohmigod! Kimie's Jack and Liz child? O.O I like it! That's dramatic and dramatic stories rock! (As humor ones ;)) I liked it! Hope you'll write soon!:D
3/23/2004 c11 25Alteng
Quit being so mean to Will! No one appreciates him! Have you been reading Blacklabel's story, also? She has Will think on whether the children in her story case are Jack's. He makes him looney tune. It could be frightening if you follow this path.
Since all us girls have the hots for Will, it is funny that he thinks he has bad looks. maybe he really needs to wear that eyeliner a bit more!
3/20/2004 c11 Jamie Leigh
I think you should kill the idea, but this is just my personal opinion.
3/6/2004 c10 Alteng
Geez! I'm the only reviewer! I want my blankie! Keep up hope! There is always a chance that someone else will tell you about it. I was confused (and still confused about) Bill. I know in the movie Bill is Will's dad, but I thought you said that he was James's dad.
Oh, and btw, in all seriousness, I believe that Bill might have survived his sinking experience. He would have already been under the curse when he was dumped overboard, because he was able to send the coin off to his family, unless Barbosa thought it would have been a hoot to do so to flash it in their face, and Bill was killed before the treasure was got. A lot of thoughts there for potential stories. I would like to think that Bill had gotten his cut in the treasure and sent the coin to the family himself. If he is sent to the bottom of the ocean after the curse, then he could have finally broke free of bonds and found his way back to shore. After all, he would have been undead, and the undead need not breath nor do they tire. I know too much, and I am babbling!
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