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for Stroke Of Fate

1/3/2004 c1 8Icea
Wow. That´s beautifully written. Masterpiece.
12/30/2003 c1 17Chiquinta
Ugh! This one! This frustrating one cause I don't know who is sick or who he's snuggling up to or what disease he has. Quick! Finish it or...I'll sit here and whine some more!
12/30/2003 c1 Maartje
Aww poor... man. You know you are going to HAVE to give him a name sometime. And the girlfriend too. I just noticed one big thing:
how far the decease is sophisticated
should be: how far the disease has progressed
At least I think that's what it should be, could be wrong :P I hope that whatever he has isn't a STD cause then I would hate him for not telling his girlfriend. I think he's pretty stupid for not telling now but then it would be horrible. Well YOU GO GIRL! Lovely prologue, keep writing :D

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