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for The History of Payon

10/8/2005 c8 PLC
Palacruxan: WOAH! THIS IS GREAT! ^-^! MAKE MORE! MAKE MORE! (how about GonryunxMunakxBongun?)

Hunter: O_O

Rogue: O_O

Alchemist: ^-^ Like what she says~!
6/23/2004 c8 Jeff
Good story...so sad, poor munak and bongun ;_;
4/9/2004 c8 2absolute.verisimilitude
::still laughing at the thought of a knight being pounded to death by poporings::
I was sorta scared reading this fic, cuz i was thinking about writing a fic REALLY similar to this one. o_O; It's amazing how you accurately brought in the places, items, and monsters of Rune-Midgard. I doubt no one really thinks about the history of Rune-MIdgard while playing RO, but this really brings a new perspective to the game. Your descriptions of everything are awesome! T.T i hope my fic (if i ever get around to writing it -_-;;) won't be so bad compared to yours~
4/6/2004 c8 Sylf
Stories like yours are the kind that make searching the site for stories, scanning through tons of them and filtering out the good ones worth it. =) A touching story that links back to the game itself. Very nicely done!
3/7/2004 c8 Derek
wow!... this story is just masterful. It just seems so true compared to the real game, and it was just so sad that munak and bongun had to die like that, but it really brought out how they became the undeads in payon cave along with sohee. I'd like to read more stories such as these describing the history of how the modern migard world came to be.
3/6/2004 c8 7Jays Arravan
Excellent work. You gave the most popular residence of Payon cave such interesting lives. I hope I can read more of your work next time.
2/13/2004 c8 Supah Kalabaw
huwaah! your story is soo good! two thumbs up! keep writing, 'kay?
2/2/2004 c4 2f136cloudstrife
Definitely a well-written piece. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, mate!
The way the story corelates to what little information we have of the world of Rune-Midgard from the game itself is fascinating.
1/24/2004 c1 17Kairi21
Konnichiwa! Gosh mga kabababayan ko! May Pinoy na rin akong nakita sa FF.net. 0_o Gomen nasai! Silly me where are my manners. I'm quite a newbie at FF.net and I admit am not as good an athour as you but I do like reading better fics than my pathetic one. Good job! I do enjoy playin Ragnarok online too. In fact my fanfic is somewhat associated with it though I placed under a diff category. Please kep writing me likes! ^_^
1/22/2004 c1 41Clarixe
In the game of Ragnarok Online, my character is at the Payon! Payon Cave!
1/21/2004 c8 ram
VERY NICE fic. the plots were good the skills were good and the charaters were AWESOME! i would really like it if u would make more fanfics pls! ^_^
1/21/2004 c8 Czarina
Whoa... not far from the realities of Midgard.. i guess you also play this game.. ^^ it's one of a kind RO fiction i've ever read... ^_^ great work pal.. hope to see more of your works.. ^_~ /no1
1/20/2004 c8 darkmaster
Very good description of Payon history and I especially like the part about sohee, munak and bongun. You even include their items in the story, applaude given there. If can, I hope you write one about the downfall of Glast Heim and the rise of Prontera.
1/18/2004 c8 Anonymous
Wow... I'm totally impressed. I've never read a story about Ragnarok as good as this. So tragic yet has meaning.
I hope you write more fictions like this soon.
1/17/2004 c1 3ranma5487
Wow. I read this a while back, before she had put it up here, and i loved it. The characters are really well laid out, and the story sticks as much as i can tell, to the world of RO. I would love to see more like this.
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