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11/27/2007 c1 1FromTheLivingRoom
hahaha love the little yuki shuichi thing at the end..great story too.
11/19/2006 c5 kiki
*disapoined that you included hisoka - damn litle brat should stay dead!* T^T
3/4/2005 c1 Jyaki
8/28/2004 c5 Mr. Iwantyourbody Muraki
7/16/2004 c5 freakishotaku15
*Dies out of the goodness of it* *Some kind person uses a Phoenix Down* Yay! Tankies! -^n.n^- *Waves hyperactively like that* OMFG OMFG please get the next chapter up soon! I love dis story so much. ^n.n^ *Is a Tsuzu-kun freak* And any peoples offended by the Tsusoka-ness at the end...GO WATCH THE ANIME OR READ THE MANGA! PWEASE! ...'Kay. ^n.n^ Well, you ish doing a SPECTACULAR job! *"Spectacular" in neon lighting but then Tatsumi-san unplugs it 'cause I'm wasting their eletricity*...^;-;^ TATSUMI-SAN! IT IS NOT A WASTE! *Chases after him while yelling back* Great job so far guys! -^n.n^-

~With love from the Psycho Shinigami!~

5/20/2004 c5 Tsuzuki-kun
*Huggles the fanfic until it turns blue* Hey, how cool! ^n.n^; Anyways, I LUV DIS~! OH SO MUCH! PLEASE UPDATE! PLEASE! I'll sell my soul for the ending! ^;-;^ I have no dignaty left; for I gave that up for Pocky at A-Cen. ^n.n^;;
~With love from the shinigami!
~Tsu-kun ^n.n^~
3/18/2004 c5 murakisama
good ficy..but I want more...please write more!
*get's down on hands and knee's and begs*
pretty please!
2/19/2004 c5 I don't know na no da
MORE MORE MORE! I want to hear more... if you didn't notice. What will happen in the end? Will Muraki have his way with Tsuzuki? (I is secretly hoping so^.^) Just because I love Muraki and always hopes he wins... in some ways. m... Muraki... *insert fan girl scream here!*
2/15/2004 c5 15Blue-eyed Fox
AAck! *Cluthches chest...*
Okay, that was fun... Where's the next chapter?
1/22/2004 c5 2Kage Tsuki
wah~^_^ tht was *juicy*~ excellent writing here, though certain aspects could work better ( gah..i'd tell u wat those r...but they've slipped my mind...;_;...gomen..) but anyways, i really loved this...murakixtsuzuki isn't my fav couple or anything, but they intrigue me in a strange sorta way nonetheless~maa~my fav is still tsuhi! XD~~i'm looking forward to ur next chappie! ^O^~

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