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1/15/2007 c1 Shu-chan
That was crazy. I loved it ~
9/10/2005 c1 5Heartless Little Thing
I haven't seen Utena, so I couldn't enjoy this to it's fullest, but I still thought it was funny! Especially when Pero Pero showed up! 'Cept, Muraki killed him... -_-;
8/11/2004 c1 3Baka Shuichi and Baka Ryuichi
Shuichi: Aww, well thankies. Yea, I honestly do care what people think and hence my placing my stories here as well as Ryu...well Ryu is odd... Though I must say that both negative and positive reflections on my stuff mean the same to me. So it's okay. And I'm improving my writing each day. I really appreciate all of your nice reviews you've so generously left. You've gotten me in the mood to finish some written out stuff that's been lying about since forever -_-
7/31/2004 c1 themidnightpony
I love people becasue people are so nice. Just kidding. In truth, all fanfiction is pointless anyway. And, what do you care about that one guy who said you suxxored? Read; you shouldn't. Don't let things like this discourage you if you really like writing fanfiction! If you enjoy it, forget the rest. Besadies, you didn't stick in a Mary Sue like 99.9% of the people here do, so, praise be to God, I say.
2/17/2004 c1 Muraki's Lover
Another pointless story. It wasn't in the least bit funny... I was a little insulted when Muraki got hit by that damned red car. HOW DARE YOU LET MURAKI GET HIT BY THAT DAMNED RED CAR! Anyways... you guys need to improve on your humour... bakas...

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