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for Shuichi's Shiny Shiny Song For His Sweet Yuki

1/6/2007 c2 32enchantedsleeper
3/21/2006 c2 Darkerdays
Nice! It's so cute! *glomps Kumagoro* Are you gonna write anymore stories?
2/2/2005 c2 Natsumesgottatwinblade
Yeah...these were some of the funniest Gravi fics I have ever read! Make one about Taki, eh?
8/29/2004 c2 naoki
-I got stuck in between Noriko's breasts one time and nearly suffocated,-

That made me laugh out loud for about five minutes.

8/10/2004 c2 7HULY

Ha ha!

Goo~~ood songs you be have, yes.
7/31/2004 c2 themidnightpony
I've never seen Gravitation before, but I shall use this as the essentail guide to the series XD Very nice!
7/10/2004 c2 Demented Authoress
Heh, that was cute. :)
6/29/2004 c2 Mouse
-Why does everyone abuse me?-

For some reason, that was my favorite line. XD
6/20/2004 c1 A
never seen anything like that before...but good.
5/27/2004 c1 Speller-Sama
This story is awesome. Da na na na na. I love it so much. Da na na na na. I fell over laughing. Da na na na na. It so fuckin' rocks! I've got the- GRAVITATION BLUES! That was hillarious. I seriously fell off my chair and cried because I was laughing so hard. Is it supposed to be like the blues, or am I just delusional or something? Oh well. I really loved it (in case I didn't make it clear enough) See you later.
5/11/2004 c1 HULY
XD That was SO funny!
XD In a really creepasaurus rex way, but still totally hillarious!
XD That's goin' directly to the favies lists.
XD I can't stop XDing 'coz that was so great.
XD Ja ne!
2/20/2004 c1 2Anubis the Great
aw...this is so romantic!
LOL! it rules!
1/31/2004 c1 Yuki
like i said always, it's crap.
1/30/2004 c1 19suckers love
uh... weird song
1/11/2004 c1 Demented Authoress
Wow, that was different...
"He cross-dresses for success." I hope you were talking about Shuichi in that phrase, since I don't recall Eiri ever doing that...
Anyway, good job. I think. Yeah.
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