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8/21/2022 c1 10SakuraChinadoll
SHEESH... *pants *gasps for air *reads the whole story again *still cannot breathe *pants
I. WAS. RIVETED... Every chapter was addicting!
Your depiction of Muraki is so spot on... One second you think you're dealing with the perfect gentleman. The next second, he turns physically aggressive and throws you on the ground. One second, he is a demonic psychopath. The next second, he is a respectable doctor. One second, he's 100% focused on seduction. The next second, he veers towards playfulness and psychological manipulation. You never know what you're going to get with him. Consistently. That's the only constant. You ALWAYS never know what to expect.
His charm, his sorcery (which is annoyingly mysterious), sexual skill, arrogance, complete confidence in himself, love of games, the way he always rises to a challenge, the way he never backs down, his relentless focus, his mastery at manipulation, immaculate appearance (contrasting with his love of blood and cigarettes), his predatory nature... his quiet calmness... eiree grace... his beauty... and his absolute dominance... It's all bad. And it's so bad, it's good.
Yeah, I think that last one is the key... You don't stand a chance with him. Ever. *shudders
Muraki is the ONLY fictional character in the entirety of fictional works who SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME in real life... but I'm still kind of in love with him. If he was real, I know I would fall right into whatever terrible plan he had... I would totally become one of his victims, and probably willingly... If he wanted to kill me or curse me or put a spell on me or take my heart out... yeah that would happen. And he would probably turn it into some horrifically beautiful act, and I'd be helpless... He just has that irresistible charisma. *shudders *pants *hides under a table *has nightmares for a week *comes back for more...
You wrote THAT Muraki... that same gorgeous, smart, seductive, powerful monster from the books. That takes talent! He is a hard character to write well! But he was just as bad as the books, and I'm probably going to have nightmares tonight!
I haven't read Yami no matsuei in years, and you brought it allllllllllll back to me. 3 Thank you for that! *bows deeply
3/30/2019 c4 Flying Fairy
"But if I read too much, I fall asleep!" Tsuzuki scratched his head and laughed. "I'm better off leaving such details to experts like you."
O and the fact that you are banned from the library for 300 years.
4/24/2018 c33 Luce
I remember reading this as a teenager , now I’m a grown woman and I still love this story. It would bring so much joy to me if you could finish it. It’s absolutely brilliantly written ! X
3/2/2018 c34 5Qwertzu824
I just discovered this fic and I'm in love with it! I'll wait patiently for update in hopes you will update it one day. Thanks for sharing
7/2/2016 c1 firebranded
I was looking for this story that I had read so long ago... Hell yeah I'll reread this.
3/17/2015 c11 Skyray
tsk tsk Muraki, if you wana be 'fed' gota move to (Option 2)! xD
3/17/2015 c1 Skyray
I have to say, this is like the only good Yami no Matsuei fanfic out here on FF :D
Loving the dark undertones and mystery, though hope the denial will carry on for too long! (good thing there's a time limit lol)
3/17/2015 c6 11Amu4ever
You know I keep reading Mukuro while it's Muraki. I guess it's because they are so similar. Nearly alike.

Mukuro from KHR and Muraki in your story...even the thing with the eye...
2/22/2015 c34 3PokingAngel
Wow, I just finished reading all 34 chapters and I loved every word! I see its been almost 3 years now since the last update... But given you started the story back in 2004 I can still hope for a new chapter right? You left off on such a cliff hanger! I think you are a very talented writer. If i had one critique it might be Tsuzuki seems to take 2 steps forward and then one step back a lot.
Aside from that I hope you continue but I understand life can be hectic so till then, I'll be theorizing my own endings!
1/12/2015 c34 42Jollyolly
Love every chapter thus, will you PLEASE update this? At least a note saying whether or not you'll continue? Rabid fan here!
11/22/2014 c34 Guest
I keep reading this fanfic, each time it gets better! I really enjoy the plot, character development and speed. Please I beg you to continue with the story, I know it's been two years since the last update but your story is so good!
11/22/2014 c34 Guest
This is such a good fanfic! I really enjoy the plot and backstory to some of the characters. I know it's been two years since the last update. But please continue on, my curiosuty is piqued!
6/20/2014 c18 9Unexisted user
I know it's been 2 years but it would be great if I can hear an update from you. This is the best story of Yami no Matsuei I've ever read. I read others too but couldn't win yours. It is the best! I hope you could update this, whenever you find time, of course.

I also need to update my stories, lol. Reminder to myself.
2/3/2014 c33 2thelxiepeia
omg this is one of the best mu/tsu fanfics i've ever had the pleasure of reading. the plot is so complex and intricate. all the characters are also fleshed out. the writing is mature and flows pleasantly. and the sex! whew hottest thing ever. the only thing that frustrates me though is the relationship between muraki and tsuzuki. is muraki really incapable of love? i know he said it himself that he wouldn't touch tsuzuki if he wasn't the guardian of wood but is it really true? i had thought that it was just denial on his part, the kagetsu curse masking his loved ones. i mean, in previous chapters he was so concerned with tsuzuki's opinion of him and did a lot of crazy suicidal things to gain tsuzuki's accpetance and acknowledgement of his love for him. now all of a sudden he's so cold and disdainful of tsuzuki. i just don't get it. is it because of tsuzuki's blindness and cowardice? but tsuzuki is coming to accept his nature and isn't being as annoyingly whiny as before.

tsuzuki's thoughts in this chapter is very pitiful and made me mad. how can he just accept that muraki only wanted him for his power?! it's pathetic how easily tsuzuki would roll over for muraki as along as muraki continues to fuck him. i just wish he would be more assertive. but not assertive as in trying to top muraki. frankly, the scene where tsuzuki basically raped muraki under the guise of feeding him disgusted me. and even if muraki consented to bottom, it wouldn't make it any less weird. at least muraki got one thing right, he should always do the topping. i mean he does an awesome job of it so why shouldn't it be like that forever? honestly, i don't think tsuzuki would make a good top anyway - certainly not in the same league as muraki. i get tsuzuki's need for trust but what sexual position you are in is not proof of it.

anyway, now that my rant is over, i would like to add a few comments about this chapter. tsuzuki is such a fascinating character despite his shortcomings and the idea of him being the guardian of wood, more than just a half demon shinigami is very intriguing. i'm so excited for his eventual transformation and not only because it would mean his true nature would be revealed but also because i'm hoping for an attitude adjustment. even though muraki is a manipulative dick too smug for his own good, at least he got one thing right: tsuzuki is really pathetic as he is right now. i can't wait until everything is revealed. that twist with tsuzuki's father is killing me with curiosity. would i be wrong in assuming that tsuzuki's father is actually lucifer? and what's up with muraki's red eyes in the end?! ahhhh what a way to end a chapter and then abandon us on a year long hiatus. sigh. anyway please update soon!
1/12/2014 c34 Guest
A work of art. Exquisite, beautiful, mature, and meaningful. This goes beyond well done fluff: this is something real. It is rare to encounter a fanfic that not only has such a fine, delicately intricate storyline but that is also superbly executed. One comes across a work of this quality only once in a while and I expect it will be years before I come across anything comparable again. As with any true masterpiece, I find myself returning to it time after time over the years. Its impact never diminishes. It must mean something if I am willing to wait over a year for the next chapter.
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