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for A Different Warrior- Prologue

1/7/2001 c1 18Crystal Shekeira
What that woman wants, she gets! Great opener!
1/7/2001 c1 manga
*lol* Bulma cheats! Can't wait to see more.
1/7/2001 c1 Grim
We want Lemon.
1/7/2001 c1 gohan
that was good
1/7/2001 c1 Blackheart
Loved it.
1/7/2001 c1 cassie
very funny
1/7/2001 c1 MK
Hahaahha funny! Keep going!
1/7/2001 c1 8ashess
hay! sexual harassment! the nerve of her! :)) wait a go! great. :D
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