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7/20/2005 c6 3Callaway Queen
i loved these three stories so much! they were fantastic! Please install another chapter!
7/20/2005 c5 Callaway Queen
LOL!LOL! thank you! LOL! it's just something Chris would say! well i'm on to read Love Cont'd
7/20/2005 c4 Callaway Queen
i loved it! i miss the old cast and their jokes so much! but u captured it perfectly.
7/20/2005 c2 Callaway Queen
love it so much! it was great!
12/28/2004 c4 10Maartje
Nice going, I liked this one (trust) way better than the last one. I agree that they should've just told Victor and Cory (they knew anyway!) but what happened next? Tony caught them talking about their relationship, right? Oh wait, I probably missed the point, even though he knows they can still trust him to keep quiet.

Well, I liked this one, go you :P

PS sorry for the late review.
4/26/2004 c4 Reddie
You're getting really good at this! I love these latest two chapters! You portrait them all well with the details, like the report thing, there is no way they could have handled their reports differently.
"...the man in the room on the balcony..." was a mysterious way of describing Palermo and I laughed quite a bit about Victor's and Tc's conversation when the girls thought it would be all long and complicated!
What you could give some more effort into is the way people say things. It's often just "said" or "responded" or something else which doesn't tell you much of how they feel when they're saying it or what they're thinking. Another thing is the use of last names. I think it can be a fun thing to say among friends but it doesn't really fit for instance when Tc talks to Chris about her being his girlfriend and he says "Kelly".
But on the whole this is great, can't wait for more =)
1/15/2004 c2 Maartje
In which case I have a lot of REALLY good friends ;)
Some spelling mistakes, but a good story idea.
I hope you won't take this in a flamy way, cause it is meant constructivally but: you may want to work on your characterization a bit. There were a few instances where I really couldn't picture the character saying their lines.
But overall good story, and the fifty-est too!
1/15/2004 c2 17Chiquinta
Your story started with an air of mystery as to the genre.
You took a unique approach to your characters and the dialogue was interesting.
Good work Brina. I'd be happy to beta for you any time.

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