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for Forever Entwined 2

9/5/2005 c10 iamjmph01
amazing story, cant wait for more
8/4/2005 c10 2Billie-Tracy
keep updating:D:D:D:D

Billie Tracy
7/3/2005 c10 lovewildfire
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. The scrapbook is a nice touch along with the secret passage between rooms. The dolls were also very interesting. I like how you painted Trini's room and the nursery. I especially liked the tiger on Trini's wall. It will be interesting to see the how the other's react later on to Billy and Trini using the secret passage during prom. I wonder what Trini wants to do with the boat. I will be waiting to find out what happens during the trip both at the cabin and on the quest.
3/12/2005 c9 lovewildfire
I like the exhibition match and how the reactions the others had to finding out Billy, Trini, and Zack were back. I found the singing funny and interesting. I wonder what happens next.
8/24/2004 c8 lovewildfire
I like how you showed how much Billy and the others care for Mr. Benner. It is nice to see how generous Billy is in helping to pay for the parts needed to fix Bulk's bike. I wonder what the bike's going to look like when it is finished and what the reaction to the exhibition is going to be like.
8/12/2004 c7 lovewildfire
The chapter was interesting. I like how you had Billy and Zack get Jason, Kim, and Tommy to come over because of the present with the pictures that Mr. Cranston gave them. The way you have them keep the promise of being friends forever and watching over each other's children by continuing the blood promise that their parents started. It was a surprise to find out that one of the teacher's has the same disease that Jenny had and a brain tumor. I hope Billy, Trini, Kim, Jason, Zack, and Tommy are able to finish Billy's project in order to help him.
6/25/2004 c6 lovewildfire
I like how you have Billy, Trini, and Zack reminisce about high school with Mrs. Applebee, and Mr.Kaplan. The way you have them have fun while waiting for Sarah is interesting. The way you have them receive certificates for helping is nice. The bikes are cool. I like how you have Zack, Trini, and Billy where disguises to keep the others from knowing they are home already. I like the gifts that Master Chan and Liana gave to Billy and Trini to represent their skill level and colors.
5/17/2004 c5 lovewildfire
It was interesting finding out who the visitors were. The way you have them showing how close they are to thier friends who are not Powere Rangers is interesting. I like how the child Billy talks about his favorite Power Ranger and asks if they know any of them. The way you have the Power Rangers morph in front of him so that he can meet them and then have the older Billy give him a replica of his power coin that he made wans nice. I enjoyed your explanation of why the young Billy went immediately with Trini and the other visions he is having. The way you show how they are connected to thier animals in everyday life is interesting. The reference to Adam and his reaction to finding out his animal is the frog was funny. I like how Billy's plan is coming together. I like how the birds are tied to Billy and Trini deciding to help Master Chan out in the exhibition. It was nice the way you have the hospital thank Trini for saving the child Billy. I liked how you have Sarah offer Eric and her guesthouse to Billy and his parents so that they can attend the wedding. Billy's reaction to Trini's dress and Trini's reaction to the necklace was nice. I liked the explanation Billy gave regarding the design of the necklace. I liked how you gave awards for all around delegate and most accomplished. I liked how you introduced Sarah, Eric, Kimberly (Billy's mom), Billy, and Master Chan. I wonder what the director said to Sarah.
4/22/2004 c4 Jaime
Good chapter. I like how you had them get haircuts to look like their parents. Is the person who walked in the other Billy? I like that little twist with the names. Get the next chapter posted soon. I want to see what happens.
4/16/2004 c4 lovewildfire
I like how you had Billy be a guest during the seminar and how you had Trini and Zach help them. The way you have them meet people with the same names as them was interesting during the accident. I think the person that visited might be the young boy, Billy, that Trini saved.
3/26/2004 c3 lovewildfire
I like the way you have Tommy's Studio right next door to Billy's. The equipment you have for them to train with is interesting. I liked the Trini's surprise regarding her grandparents. It was interesting the way you had Billy become an Honorary member of the Council of Elders. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
3/25/2004 c3 jaime
Now I know the scheming gene runs in our family. You want to torture your readers don't you? Now what are Billy and Trini planning? And what was the plan from the Aquitians? I want answers! So update soon!
3/15/2004 c2 69MistressSara
I love you're story, keep writing. I love any story that has Billy and Trini together. :)
2/27/2004 c2 lovewildfire
I like Billy's surprise for Trini. The way you had Telan explain why he gave them their powers was interesting. I also liked how you gave coins to Bulk and Skull so that they can help them fight. The way you had Billy's dad find out that Billy and Trini can shapeshift was funny.
1/15/2004 c1 lovewildfire
I liked how you had Billy show Trini the painting of Angel Grove and the Command Center that his grandfather started. I also liked how their were dancing in the end. I will be waiting to see what the surprise is.
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