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for Til Death Do Us Part

12/30/2020 c26 Vinces-Girl
This story was awesome! It was different for sure. A sequel would be pretty great though! :)
9/21/2018 c26 Cojumhei
1/23/2015 c26 39Silver Sin of The Cosmos
Bravo! I absolutely loved! And no, your works are NOT crap. Now mine, that's a whole different story...
11/29/2014 c3 23MadamScorpio
Uhmmm...not lol
9/17/2014 c26 5cesuraee
Very well done! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing!
8/10/2014 c17 Kibachow
This story is very well written but I have to say those parents are the worst ever. They were in shock that Kags and inu loved each other now. They were prepared for their children to live out their lives in a loveless marriage, in fact, a possible hateful marriage so that the company can become bigger and better.

Again love the story just not the parents.
8/8/2014 c5 Kibachow
Sorry but I think the parents are the jerks. They care more about the company and their own reputation than their own children's happiness. Forcing them to marry.
6/5/2014 c26 4swasome unicorns
Oh my God. I was seriously tearing up A LOT towards the end. But then again, who wouldn't? A story as good as this one deserved tears like that, because you really know how to evoke emotions in a reader. Great job and thanks for writing.

-swasome unicorns :)
12/30/2013 c26 2SesshyzLover91
i love the story it had a great plot and story line
10/9/2013 c15 Amara
You do realize that you almost named Kagome's father "Ryu" right? You know that that's Japanese for "dragon"?
10/2/2013 c2 Amara
Ok, I'm ready for a history lesson. Spill the beans...
8/27/2013 c1 1scorpioprincess18
AMAZING ! You did a great job with it!
11/22/2012 c26 Lilly the wolf
*cheers* That was an AWESOME story!
8/2/2012 c23 TheNinjaKitty13
Three words, this story rocks!
8/2/2012 c18 TheNinjaKitty13
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