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5/19/2020 c6 WeIrD bLoB
I must say this for all you people who don't read 'Hogwarts: A History':YOU CAN'T APPARATE INTO HOGWARTS!Story was good though.
4/27/2012 c6 chavi garg
nicely written..very good indeed,,i enjoyed it.
7/27/2011 c6 lily
that was really good but please dont put about viktor kissing her before it just kind of ruins the moment. and also thatshe kind of tackled him in their first kiss isnt very Hermione-ish.
7/31/2006 c6 10autumnlover
fab fab fab. i have to say, tho, i didnt like chap 4, and i think if that was better, this fic would be improved. apart from that, i was great! and you aid in ur io, ou would read any story, so can you read mine, and please leave a reveiw? cheerio,

3/13/2005 c6 5MasochistandNarcissistFan
Another cute story. You really are good at the angsty-romance stories , aren't you? lol , great job.
3/13/2005 c6 DolphinDreamer24-7
this is so cute! I loved it! and then the bunny suit thing! hahahahahahahahahahahaha I couldent stop laughing!
9/26/2004 c6 1BenjiMaddenFreek
hahahah keep writing if there is going to be more.
9/26/2004 c5 BenjiMaddenFreek
keep writing its good.
9/26/2004 c4 BenjiMaddenFreek
good chapter keep writing
9/26/2004 c2 BenjiMaddenFreek
ha ok im better know its good keep writing
9/26/2004 c1 BenjiMaddenFreek
lol keep writing
6/21/2004 c5 DragonChamber7
Please make a sequel! im dying from anticipation! Please!

6/21/2004 c6 Dragonchamber7
That was really good...short...but good.

Brilliant...absoloutly brilliant...keep it up!

2/19/2004 c6 6Tanja88
awwh this was very sweet!
loved it
2/19/2004 c6 3BelindaBlackfalcon
Guess who? (Well, obviously it's me cause I have my user name over there) Nice story! (Except for Hermione's name, which you spelt wrongly _
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