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for Metroid: Chozo Betrayal and Bloods Unite

9/27/2006 c1 kpossible20
hey this is really I please us pieces of this for my forensics...seriously!
1/10/2005 c15 StormGryphon
Great Story! Nice ending. If you plan on continuing it, you have a very nice plot to work with.
3/5/2004 c15 9windwingxs
good, you finally continued. AND you managed to keep Adam alive. Now update faster, and i may take some time off from Zero.EXE to continue silence of the soul!
3/1/2004 c15 17Shadow Fox777
Aw. That's so sweet.
2/26/2004 c14 Shadow Fox777
2/17/2004 c14 9windwingxs
you really do like to leave things hanging, dont you? lol. guess i'll just have to live with it, since i like your story. just checking, but why havent you reviewed my last chapter yet? and did you even bother checking your e-mail latley? jeez, at least i review.(is joking, you may slap at your own descresion)
2/15/2004 c1 Kelly
This has got to be 1 of the greatest fanfics i have ever read. 1 QUESTION how can the sa-x asorb a metroid? metroids eat X and metroid have that tough membrane around themselves and this is not a flame
2/12/2004 c13 17Shadow Fox777
That heaven for I'm stuck hear at College untill 5 and I ran out of work to do. It' 3:52? wow, go figer. Any way, I Loved this chapter. To badd it's so short. Please post that update.
2/10/2004 c13 9windwingxs
m... more bashing on the feddies. Gotta love that! Need more. Now.
2/5/2004 c12 windwingxs
MUWAHAHAHA! finaly, we get back to basics!(kind of...) ah, oh well. UPDATE SOON.
2/5/2004 c12 17Shadow Fox777
Can you say trouble? This is getting good. Oh please update soon.
2/5/2004 c4 1ReaderZero
Dude, your story is okay, but in your 3rd and 4th chapter you didn't just borrow the combat from Dither Bikky's "The Three Bloods" (storyID:1327504), you basically RIPPED it off nearly Word-for-Word! You took the Entire Idea of the Rogue Chozo and the Three Bloods and even phrases from the fight scene!
Man that's wrong!
At least give FULL CREDITS to the ORGINAL author. Just mentioning a PART of the story's name doesn't mean anything! If you're gonna rip-off someone and call it "borrowing", then give the full credit where credit is due. You're stealing readers away and just plain stealing if you don't.
I'm not trying to rag on ya. All I'm saying is that you should definately give the Author full credit in your story so people know exactly where you got your ideas from...even if the Author himself says nothing. He probably didn't read the entire thing. I found it hard to read with the big textbox.
2/4/2004 c11 17Shadow Fox777
Hmm, Big trouble, strange mystries, threats, and pleanty of action. This story is just getting better and better. I Love it! Oh Please continue. MORE!
2/2/2004 c11 1Dark-Titan
An interesting story overall. However, you might want to revise the past chapters and reformat them so that more people will read your story. I'll be waiting for next update!
2/1/2004 c10 17Shadow Fox777
I LOVE IT! Samus fights and enreaged Chozo, and defets him. While unleshing powers she didn't even know she had. Then The federasion call syaing they have a job for her. Trap, or legit? I can't wait to find out.
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