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6/8/2007 c10 AnthonyR89
good story so far. ffn is screwing up and wont let me read all of chapter eleven, so ill finish it later.
4/15/2006 c1 Galaen
YOU WRITE WELSH! My adoration simply cannot be expressed.
9/6/2005 c14 12Banner
Fun, intelligent, and exciting. You made a fascinating new character - I love Constantine.

And the ending was very satisfying.
11/17/2004 c14 rankokun alpha
i love the howler monkeys and the pink anacondas are hilarious a indestructible rino i love the idea how many demons did it trample!
8/31/2004 c14 rhia
I loved the story
7/6/2004 c14 slbwhitewolf
I don't read many Charmed fics (except crossovers) but I'm really glad I read this one. I've also not seen as many episodes as I'd like so I'm not sure if Tom is an OC or not but I really liked him. Tethos/Constantine is an excellent character and I'm really glad that elders rewarded him with a chance to live without his demon side. Great story. Sarah.
3/27/2004 c14 9Witch Goddess
GOOD JOB on your first fanfiction! Keep it up. Sorry it took me so long to review again... I haven't been on FF.net in the longest time!
2/17/2004 c14 5Gryffindor620
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
2/16/2004 c13 Gryffindor620
What the hell?
But wait is that a good thing?
I mean now he could commit suicide without
any problems?
Well !
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
2/11/2004 c12 Gryffindor620
Just when Piper was about to put her hard hat on!
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
2/10/2004 c11 Gryffindor620
Oh Damn !
Oh Damn !
It's okay I'm a nine to fi-
wait I don't have a job!
I'm still in school!
*Some anonomys person walks up and smacks her back into her senses*
AP: Get A Hold Of Your Self MAN!
Oh thanks and by the way...*Knocks the AP the hell out with ONE punch*
That made me feel better!
Great Chapter!
Update Soon Son!
2/9/2004 c10 Gryffindor620
Killin' himself!
Update Soon Son!
2/5/2004 c9 Gryffindor620
*Breathes on her resperater*
Update*breathes...some more*Soon*breathes for the fourth time*Son!
2/4/2004 c8 Gryffindor620
If I passed out any more not only
am I going into Cardiac Arrest for good measure,
I'm gonna have a heart attack!
So for now I'm just gonna fall asleep and
go into Cardiac Arrest, JUST for good measure!
*Falls asleep and goes into Cardiac Arrest, JUST for good measure*
Update Soon Son!
2/3/2004 c7 Gryffindor620
*Gasps...Hard...And passes out*
*Wakes up a wheezes*
This is great!
Update Soon Son!
*Passes out...again and goes into Cardiac Arrest
just for good measure*
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