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6/25/2013 c20 2civetchanging
1/10/2013 c20 20Silver-Haired-Thief
Loved it XD
1/9/2011 c20 2Latemur
I know this was a sequel to an earlier story of yours, but I haven't read that one, just yet... Just want you to know I really enjoyed this story: After all this.
8/13/2010 c20 ChaosTurtle
I loved it! *_* though i have to say i liked the first part even more...

Only thing i find hard to belive, kura got raped and has no trauma, fears, not even hatred against marik? as far as i know people tend to never be the same after such a thing. and our overprotecitve pharao isn't either? with him 'gonna-keep-you-safe-promise' broken, pain inflicted into the person he loves most...?

They're far too forgoving o.O

but really i love the stories *_* just trying to give some constructive critic for a change

please more stories!

you even made me a darkshipping fan... o.ô
11/26/2005 c20 7SnowIce
Awesome story. I loved 'Differences' and it's sequel is superb as well. I only recently got into darkshipping stories and yours is one I truly liked from beginning till the end. I don't care if Bakura was ooc, he's still my favourite character on the show together with Ryou, Malik and Marik. So I definitely liked the sequel. It had all my favourite bishies in it!

Now for some technical stuff and some constructive critisism: I sometimes noticed a few spellingmistakes. Grammar was mostly okay, only a few mistakes there. And you have a very pleasant writing style. I found it enjoyable to read your chapters and didn't have to struggle through them. Plot-wise the story is one of the better ones out here on ffnet. Keep up the good work. I'll be reading more of your stories when you write them.

9/20/2005 c16 Blue Sunshine Tenshi
Yay! Yami/Barkura. So few of these stories out there. and they aare the best.
1/31/2005 c20 20Dark Magician Girl Hikaru
Interesting, and nicely written, with just a tad of angst. Awesome ending! ^_^ Forgive me for the the really late update! I really didn't notice you had updated until I saw "Difference" appear on the page today and I was like, didn't I read that? lol. And I remembered the sequel and checked if it updated since the last time I read. So yeah, sorry for the rant. ^_^; See ya around, hopefully. ^_~
9/23/2004 c20 12nife
Wow! I loved your first story and the sequal was great! I love you're work and hope to see more of it!
9/8/2004 c19 3Marron-chan1
ngghh... okay, I guess I can't complain about the cliffhanger, since I write them myself, but I still wanna know what happens! Can't wait until you update!
9/7/2004 c19 5fani90
this was great! omg! so cool! what hapened to malik! did he do it to himslef or was it someone else? cause...i don't know! he has to live! but it would be cool to if he died...i don't know...too confuse!and school starts tomorrow! NOO! T_T god why? anyways...please update as soon as you can! ^_^ see ya!
8/25/2004 c19 5S. Chensu and Luff
What happened? I’m not having a go at you but I agree, this chapter is not as good as the others. The rest of this story has been really excellent but I was a little bit disappointed with this. But at least you left it on a good cliffhanger, what’s going to happen to Malik? Please don’t kill him if at all possible; him and Marik go so well together! Is that what the two endings are about, either a death or a getting together?

Anyway, please put a bit more description in because I know you can make it really great! Don’t worry if you don’t update straight away, it’s more important to make a chapter good than to get it up quickly.

S. Chensu x.
8/24/2004 c19 12nife
Kewlness! I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/23/2004 c19 20Dark Magician Girl Hikaru
That was fun! hehe. ^_^ I wonder what happened to Malik. I hope he's ok. Ud when u can. Till next time. ^_~
8/14/2004 c18 5S. Chensu and Luff
Hello, I’m reviewing again (I think), which I don’t do very often, hehe, that’s one of my very bad habits unfortunately. But after waiting so long for the chapter, I just had to review! Although this chapter was good, the flashback wasn’t something the reader hasn’t already known about, although it is told from Bakura's point of view. However, the conflict between Malik and Marik is great! I can imagine Malik smirking, scary biscuits!

Please continue, I want to know what happens! I swear you changed your summary though because I thought it said Yami/Bakura/Marik (in an order I can’t remember). Is this still going to happen? Or did you change your mind? I did wonder how it would work but I think it would be cool if you did it! Mind you, you have already got a Malik/Marik thing (sort of) going on…

Anyway, please write more!

From S. Chensu x.

P.S. no comment from Luff because as usual, she hasn’t read the chapter yet *rolls eyes*.

P.P.S. do both endings, you can't make the readers choose! I know I can't!
8/13/2004 c18 DreamingChild
Awesome chapter. Happy ending! Please!
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