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for Kim Possible : An Unforseen Hope

5/21/2006 c5 Draconia20
Hope you update soon... I really like the story:)
4/25/2006 c5 1Undeclinable
Dude awesome story, but why don't you update more regulary, please I love your story
11/16/2005 c5 92Harper loves Alex
9/19/2005 c5 lazy i am
are you ever gonna update this? i really hope you do
6/9/2005 c5 1LandLPhanfics
Nice work! I love Star Wars & KP crossovers! This is getting so good! Your writing is far superb. Yeah i know this review may be a little latee but I haven't been on as long as this has been up! Please Update Soon!
1/2/2005 c5 2Chimera Spyke
ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha. um, ehem, oops almost lost myself there. i have absolutely got to read more of this story. please update soon.
6/24/2004 c5 Blackheart Syaoran
Turning out pretty good. Still, I'd like to see the duo tempted by the dark side-especially Kim, she'd make a fantastic Sith. Keep up the good work.
6/23/2004 c5 Yamal
I'm glad you are finally back on track, hehe. Good chapter. Let's see what's going to happen next. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the nice work. ^_^
3/7/2004 c4 28Geor-sama
Good chapter, and it came at just the perfect time (namely on a day I had to work) Anyway, good chapter. Shego's mind corrupted, that's not a stretch really. : )
3/7/2004 c4 Yamal
Wow. Shego's transformation was creepy. But you killed Dr. Drakken, snif. Well, if that's for the good of the sroty, that's fine. ¡_¡ Now Shego is really dangerous. _ Ron and Kim's parents took it pretty easily, hehe. And now the real action should begin, mwahaha. I really like this story, so I'll be patient until you release your next intallment. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the great work. ^_^
2/20/2004 c3 Xelena
it was shego, correct? anyways, continue please
2/20/2004 c3 Geor-sama
Greatness...thank you, this chapter helped me get through work last night. You did a great job and keep up the good work.
2/20/2004 c3 Yamal
What a place to stop writing, snif. anyway, tha story seems to start getting interesting. Kim may join the dark side? That would truly be cool to read about, hehe. I'll patiently wait for your next update. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work. ^_^
2/11/2004 c2 Mayzon
I wonder what that item is that Kim and Ron are in possession of... Very interesting... Well, nice
chapter, hope to see update soon!
2/10/2004 c2 Yamal
Your writing style is quite good. ^_^ I loved how you picured Drakken and shego here. You got them extremely well, hehe. It seems like step by step, things start to move on, with Kim and ron starting to feel "it". Anyway, I'm looking forward to know what the misterious people have to say to Kim and Ron. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the good work.
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