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for Of Cotton and Black Silk

4/30/2004 c1 8Arethusa Fellini
Hey, this is a nice story! It hasn't been updated for a month, though. Any chance of continuing it?
2/9/2004 c1 9Naga
Oh gods... ROTFL! Ok, I know where this is going. But... but... what about the bunny sex? ;p Btw, I think I'm seeing bits of Terry Pratchett in your writing style, am I imagining things?
2/7/2004 c1 36MikoNoNyte
"Yuri: Yeah, I did, but I wanted hot, steamy, plotless sex! With naked bodies!"
Firstly, somebody beat you to it; but it's adults only. hehe Malfoy ring a bell?
Plain hay into gold ... I love it. You are already funny. It takes courage, tenacity and having a pain in the ass muse *cough*yuri*cough*.
"...where Fate decided to meet Chance for a spot of tea." You are one sick puppy; It is taking all my will power to type this while laughing which is not easy; especially using a laptop.
"Somebody *pointed look at Yuri* can’t be satisfied with only one chapter, so I had to make this whole thing longer than it should have been." Get used to it; he does it to all of us in varying degrees. And when he's done he'll sic Alice, Margarete, Keith and even Halley on you!
What a delightful first entry to Shadow Hearts. And welcome, fellow demented writer. The more the merrier.
I really did like this; don't let my teasing brush you off.
PS I'd ask for the bunny bit but I'm too busy crafting my own. But hell, go for it!

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