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11/21/2010 c4 mr hat
really i find this fic kind of sad the charachters persanalitys are shot and wtf is with you people and gay fics christ do a harry/ female vampire or veela something more original i have nothing against gays but i think that it doesnt suit harry also his personality is way off he acts to aggressive and really if hes going to be evil give a good reason for him being evil like being back stabbed by ron and granger.
6/17/2008 c21 12Banner
I just found this story, and I read it straight through. What an incredible ride. I've worked out a few things, but there are so many issues to consider, I'm going to have to put a lot of work into understanding all of it.
2/3/2008 c1 Mnah Mnah
"Potter ain't gay,

got it? He's perfectly fine with both sexes. And sex with


Sex with both. Therefore sex with women AND men. Sex with men, but not being gay. hm. Not bisexual either huh? hmm... so what, hes constantly drugged and cool with that? No? hmm, maybe im *really* missing something. All this time ive thought that being gay meant being cool with being pounded in the ass. But i guess i was wrong. Ah well. In that case i suppose i should read and be educated.
10/12/2007 c10 Dan
just becuase i am in a bad mood i will pick on u in a helpful way.

if u are gonna use stuff in your story andu dont know how they work come up with somethng vauge

cyanide does not work like tht, it blocks the active sites in certain enzymes in the lungs making the body unable to absorb any oxygen into the blod stream thus killing them quickly and effectivly.

some diaretics do what u discribed, but that would sone move through the body unless it was constantly applied.

ta cool story, loki god of mischeif, not chaos
5/19/2006 c21 Gheis
So...this story's deader than Dumbledore I take it?
11/18/2005 c21 Knives
Update!Update!Update! Best story ever! Sort of...
11/2/2005 c21 NoLuz
Will you please update soon? This is a very interesting story!
10/13/2005 c21 Shade
I hope you'll update soon! It's such a good story!
7/1/2005 c3 Sarah
*purrs* I really like this Harry...
6/24/2005 c21 Fasor

please post more :)
6/13/2005 c21 TheOrignalDARSH
im highly confused insanly so im gonna list what i can make out of this

1 harry dissapers and comes back insane

2 reappers years later a raye and has switched sexes

3 is tonks lover/summbisive

4is a compleat badass

5 has lived for a increadbly long time
6/8/2005 c21 Lucifer's Following
are you actually gonna update? Cuz if you are the nhow soon will it be?
5/19/2005 c11 2LuciferIsDivine
You are so mean. How can you not like Terry Goodkind?
3/28/2005 c9 1Ali Gokey
this is a interesting thing, i like it.

Harry is weaird

Raye is cool

what elce matters?
3/27/2005 c8 Ali Gokey

this is interwsting althought i haven't read thiis fic yet ... i uplode the chapie's then dicnect form the inter net, i did see the layout of your chapteres and had to wonder why you chouse this type of layout.

hope this is as interesting as it soundes, oh and nice warning! :P found it kinda cute.

oh if you like HP NT's then i think that you should read 'the Rise of the Dragon Lord' well it's something like that any way its one my fav list... i'll send another review when i read this thing!

buy buy :P
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