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for Caught between the sunlight and the cave

4/27/2004 c5 32griseldalafey
I liked it, alhtough is was a bit strange, I'll give you that. I could'nt care less about such a trival thing as age- difference, but the gap between Albus and Hermione was rather... large. And apart from that AD/MM are the best couple by far.
But I liked the story. And I'm glad everything worked out alright in the end.
4/25/2004 c5 111Hogwarts Duo
well I'm certainly glad they sorted all of that out to Minerva and Albus' benefit! Now they can get back to what they were doing before they were so rudely interrupted...wink wink! Great story!
4/14/2004 c4 Chickadee
Go on writing. It seems to be a quite interesting story. Keep it up
4/12/2004 c4 Hogwarts Duo
AH! I love this's awesome! Together at last...woo hoo! Fantastic job and I hope you update soon...and the more fluff and romance the better... ^_^
4/12/2004 c4 Blood Sucker13
How interesting. Update soon plz! I just need to read what happens next.
Blood Sucker13
3/25/2004 c3 b
update soon!
3/17/2004 c3 59LinZE
I'm intregued to see how she takes that one...
post again soon please
3/16/2004 c3 111Hogwarts Duo
Well now...that's a good start to making her understand! Let's just hope she takes the hint and snogs him back! Come on Minerva...we all know you want to! ^_^ Awesome chappie...ya gotta update soon!
2/28/2004 c2 32griseldalafey
Minerva knows what to do... Yes she does, place a mouth-removing spell on Hermione (Snape would like that as well) Please, update soon! It's an awesome story!
2/24/2004 c2 111Hogwarts Duo
YAY! Albus still loves Minerva but I'm still fuming at Hermione...I mean the audacity! Sheesh! Wonderful job with this story. I am sure it's gonna take some fast talking on AD's part to convince MM that he was the 'victim' in that scene. Please update soon...
2/23/2004 c2 CCSaint
I honestly don't know what to say. This is very good, although I don't like the idea of Hermione and Albus together. It doesn't really seem to float my boat very well. I do like the AD/MM however.
2/15/2004 c1 Minervarette
OMIGOD what a SCANDAL! It's fantastic!
The basic idea is good and interesting as Hermione is Min's favourite student she is going to feel doubly betrayed. Also, I bet McG wanted to do exactly what Hermione's done when she was Albus' star pupil.
Hopefully, Albus' shock at being kissed by a student will make him reconsider feelings for another student, friend and deputy that they've both deemed inappropriate.
Perhaps Hermione is misdirecting feelings at Alb (e.g. the next potential greatest wizard of all time ignoring her)that she has for another or maybe she sees him as more of a father figure?
It'd be good if you can salvage the mother-daughter relationship between Min and Hermione with a little heart to heart that helps Minerva reveal her feelings for ole blue eyes.
Keep going with this; the potential's there.
Hope this helps, Min.
2/10/2004 c1 stoneygem
This is funny. I mean, the idea. Hermione and Minerva fighting for Albus...uhm...yes...very funny.
Didn't you know that the Prodigy can do that to you? WOT
2/9/2004 c1 hogwartsduo
My heart is broken for Minerva and I'm shooting death glares at Hermione. She's smart enough to know that AD and MM are destined to be together! I hope Albus can make Minerva see that he adores her and that he was an innocent victim! Please update soon...

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