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1/16/2006 c2 14Mystic Child
wow... I really like that and i hope you keep it up!
12/22/2004 c2 sjfskjfoaiwn
great chapters. only drawback is that they're too short. i reckon katie should have Clairvoyance as an extra power. u can do so many things with that.
9/11/2004 c2 3RoseFairy2005
I need more! You have me interested again!
8/22/2004 c2 4twilight-la-fae
hm. telepathy might be the way to go..or clarviothingiethaticantspell. just wanted to let you know, Mirror Reflection has been postponed until further notice, but when i finish my first story, that will be the next one i begin to work on again. Cheers,

8/19/2004 c2 XXXXXXXXXXDeletedAccountXXXXXX

good start, freaky dreams and such, I love katie/oliver fics, specially because I like Oliver so much.

I hope you update soon and goodluck in future writing.

Greets Swift tales
6/25/2004 c2 doesn't lie
hi these chapters r v short! perhaps u could make them a bit longer and go into a little more depth? I know it's probably to create suspense but longer chapters are good even if there are divides in between sections within a chapter! hoping thats useful, not meaning to flame cuz it's a nice idea so far,

truthteller x
6/5/2004 c2 pyrobanchee
no offense, but i found no real point in the 1st chapter. i read the prologue, and from that i was really excited, but the 1st chapter just didn't feel right. so anyhoo, congrats on the prologue, and i hope that chapter 2 is just as exciting! oh, and chapter1 was kinda short too...
4/2/2004 c2 12kravenclaw
Hey, this is pretty good so far, it's just really short. As my opinion on what power she should have, i'd have to say the power to freeze things. I'm a fan of charmed too.
You asked me to tell you when I updated, and the sequel to LND is posted.
3/20/2004 c2 3RhiannonCat
Thanks for reading my story. I am writing another one call Life's box of cchocolates, Couls you read that one too? I don't think I will be able to continue the story you read, but I might write a sequel, if I get enough idea's. The trouble is, I have tons of ideas, but most of them are in sequels, and I have got to finish the first stories first!
I really liked this story! I hope you keep writing, you do have a vivid talent. I will be looking forward to your updates,
2/20/2004 c2 53HermioneG7
Finished chapter two. Please update! (btw, can you tell me somehow (maybe in a review of my story?) if I can add your fic to my Katie bell Fanfictions Fanlisting/site website? thankies!
Update soon!
2/20/2004 c1 HermioneG7
ooh i like the prolonge! Nice story! On to chapter two! I have a Katie/Oliver story too. :)
2/17/2004 c2 5Tupz
Oh wow, i've never read an Oliver/Katie story.
Thats really kool! I cant wait for the next chapter.
2/17/2004 c2 ughthisisawful
It has a good start, but I wish you wouldn't use half the story to write about your opinions or what's going on in the story. I'm not fond of commentary.
2/16/2004 c2 12orliNkeira
hey! great story! i can feel lots more great stuff coming up, esp stuff that i it a romance?*duh* but i hope it'e true sweet kind, not the overly unrealistic ,mushy, overly sappy kind...u are doing a brilliant job! can;t wait..oliver is cute...except that i am not too sure about how katie looks does she look like? ti've got a great feeling for yr story! love it love it love it!
2/14/2004 c2 Ash-bash-is-on-the-prowl
i like the animagi folloews tradition i guess. try a a robyn or a sparrow. i always saw Katie as a bird for some reason...maybe its the flying (quidditch) mixed with her cheerful naure ( bird? get it?)
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